Icing Cinnamon Melt in Your Mouth Treats





Introduction: Icing Cinnamon Melt in Your Mouth Treats

Hi guys! This is my first instructable and i am entering it in the valentines treats contest.

Step 1: Get Your Materials...

if you scroll over the picture, the materials will be there. but any ways, heres a list.:
icing sugar
red food coloring
waxed paper

Now we are ready to get started!

Step 2: Make the Stuff...

mix the icing sugar, food coloring, water, and cinnamon in the bowl.

Step 3: Remember...

sorry, you also need eggs. get the egg whites, and whisk them until they are fluffy. then ad color, icing, and cinnamon, like in the next step. sorry, no pic

Step 4: MIX!!!

now take the spoon in your hand and place it in the bowl. with the other hand, firmly grab the bowl. make the spoon go in fast little circles...

Step 5: Prep Surface...

put down waxed paper.:)

Step 6: Make Blobs...

put down dollops of the mixture and yeah, this is as easy as it sounds. it is a great fun thing to do and is very time consuming.

Step 7: Add Cinnamon

add cinnamon till it tastes good.



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    sorry about this instructable, i didn't put much time in it.  I would suggest using 6 egg whites, whipped until they are frothy, a few drops of red food coloring, and a teaspoon of both vanilla and cinnamon.  put this mix into a bag regularly used for icing a cake, and make little whipped cream puffs on a cookie sheet with parchment paper over it.  bake in the oven at 250 ferenhight until they are hardened.  The result are meranges that melt in your mouth, like cotton candy.

    These sound really good and kids would like them. I am new to making things like this and would really like to make them. However, can you please give me the specific amount of ingredients especially the egg whites. Thanks

    i dont get add cinamon until tastes good. Do i need to eat the batch before finishing?

    An idea at least of how many egg whites would be helpful. Also, the mixture being put down on the waxed paper doesn't look thick at all so saying "until thick" isn't really the best direction it seems.

    Ummm... amounts for each of the ingredients would be useful.

    how much cinnamon, icing sugar and food coloring should I use ?