Picture of Icicle Mason Jars
With all the hoopla about Mason Jars, and the fact that I just plain Love Them, I decided to give them a try with a twist of my own.

Step 1:

Picture of
Gather your supplies.
For this project you will need:

clean sponge
Mat Modge Podge
Clear Glitter
Wire cutters
Sand/Decorative Salt
candle of choice

sarousell1 year ago
It kills me how many people say Modge Podge instead of Mod Podge. lol EVERYONE says it wrong.
klancyjv2 years ago
I'm having trouble making it look even...when I try to spread the Modge Podge out so that it's not too thick, it ends up making lines. Once the glitter is sprinkled on, those lines still show through. Any tips?? I'm making these for my wedding so maybe I'm trying to be too perfectionist-ic :), but I want to get it right!

Thank you!
siskk (author)  klancyjv2 years ago
Try using a sponge cut into about a 3x3 square slightly wet. Work by dabbing up and down in the jar with the mod podge and blend edges while wet. You have to work fairly quickly cover half the jar sprinkle and the do the other half lwhile wet to nlend it. Hope this helps.
klancyjv siskk2 years ago
Thank you! I will try that today! :) I hope they end up looking like yours!
tcalderón13 years ago
How did you make the hanging wire? Wish there were photo steps of that included. Looks great!
siskk (author)  tcalderón13 years ago
I bought a "roll" of soft black wire in my local craft stores floral section. It is sturdy but easy to bend. I just made a circle around the neck leaving about an inch to twist, then tucked in the ends. Before I made the ring tight I cut another piece to make the hanger portion in the length I wanted and made a j hook on both ends to tuck into the ring around the neck. I tightend the neck then, and then twisted the ends of the hanger to make it secure. I hope this helps.
I will include more step by step pictures next time...I'm a newbie at this.
Yes, that did help. thank you so much.
Very nice. What brand of glitter did you use? I've been looking at Art Institute's Transparent line.
siskk (author)  Mistral_Wind3 years ago
Not sure of the brand...anything translucent should work marvelously!
WhiteTech3 years ago
Should look good when applied to those popular Solar garden light moon jars!
siskk (author)  WhiteTech3 years ago
I already took apart a cheap solar light and glued it to the ring of my mason jar and it turned out great!
housepony433 years ago
Do you paint the Modge Podge on the inside or outside of the jar?
siskk (author)  housepony433 years ago
Outside of the jar...not sure inside is a good idea as a flame will probably catch it on fire.
bigmegs3 years ago
Thanks for this! Such a great idea. I had to use battery operated candles so I could stick them in my shrub/tree. I wish they weren't so yellow. However, it gives it a Pirates of the Caribbean ride feel and that's okay with me!
siskk (author)  bigmegs3 years ago
They look great! Nice job.
plato13 years ago
Some one used a large bunch of these canning jars as centerpieces for the tables for their wedding reception. The only problemm, they painted them blue. Now, can some one tell me how to remove the color? I need to use them in my kitchen to store spices...they are just the right size for that. & also, how du I get rid of the candlewax from inside them? they were used foe candles.
To remove the wax, place them in a large pot of water that completely covers the jars and bring it up to a simmer. Wait for the wax to melt, then remove from the heat an allow pot and all to cool without disturbing it. The wax will now be a solid disk of wax on the surface of the water and the jars will be clean.
siskk (author)  plato13 years ago
The color may be tricky...depends on what they used to paint on them with. Most acrylic based products will be permanent. :(
The candle wax is simple. Just place the jars in your freezer for about 20 minutes and the wax will pop right off glass with a butter knife.
plato1 siskk3 years ago
mrhodes4 plato13 years ago
Since u don't know what they were painted with I wouldn't use them to store food products unless you can get them clean as a whistle. Even if it is on the outside there is a possibility of contamination of food from it being on your hands when you handle the jar.

Since it's glass I don't see where paint thinner would hurt. Try a small area and see.
plato1 mrhodes43 years ago
I intend to use them for dry spices. Thanx for your advice
mrhodes43 years ago
Mod Podge podge makes a glitter product that I love! It gives the same watered glass you got using the plain product and loose glitter. It comes in silver and gold. It's a little easier to use. Of course if you want really, really glittery ones use your method.

I used it on clear votive holders to attach paper punches. This was for Vacation Bible School and the theme was the Big Apple so we used apple shapes. Some of the kids really used a lot of apples and some just a few. They were all beautiful. Use the transparent paper and the candle really glows through nicely. Being a fire nut I wouldn't use real candles in these. The LED ones are now so affordable and burn beautifully.

Mod Podge has the extreme benifit of being washable - anything you glue on glass will come off with a good soaking with soap and water.

tjesse3 years ago
I can't wait to see what other projects an art teacher can bring us. I will be a subscriber. I gave up on this last year I got a jar and a solar light from the dollar store but I thought buying glass frost in a can was cheating. Thanks for the tip.
I love it! I wonder how mason jars stand up to glass etching stuff...
They do pretty good with etching. Just take the regular precautions.
MaryT8M3 years ago
I'm with you....I love canning jars. Thanks for sharing
This is so pretty! Makes me wish I had a house in the country with a big porch to hang them from. :D