Step 5: Personal Mini First Aid Kit

3 bandages
3 packets of 2 ibuprofen
3 packets of topical antibiotic
2 packets of 2 generic cold/cough pills
1 disposable vinyl glove
PSK sheet (http://www.troop149mchenry.org/PSKsheet.htm)

Just some basic first-aid supplies, available in large quantities from an office supply store. You can throw this one in your backpack or glove compartment. You never know when you'll need a bandage.
I use 6 ibuprofen in mine idk how many u need to use for one time though 1 or 2
<p>I have all that except the altoid tin.</p>
<p>I'm somewhat of a freak on fitting things in containers and keeping them organized. I can tell you this is wasting huge amoutns of my time. I put like 15 minutes to order a box with stuff all fitting perfectly. And then I need something out of it... Much more prefer to be slightly messy than lose my time.. </p>
go to perpetualkid.com and go to the candy section there are a lot of tins like this it is really cool<br>
<p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/rdinosaurs+rock/" rel="nofollow">rdinosaurs rock</a> ... oh thank you very much for my newest time sucking addiction!!</p><p> :-)</p>
Why hot sauce
This is going to be my first year having lockers, so I'm going to make this and put it in my locker for "emergencies" :)
So cool and perfect!
I really do hate altoids, but some of these ideas are really good, thanks! I might just endure for the first aid kids.
i did the same thing exept with some different supplies for different situations. mine was for a day in middle school. it had a bunch of rubber bands, electrical tape, 2 springs, a penny, some paper, and one stick of gum. saved my life 5 times no joke.
what would you do with all those things ? cause if you tell me what to do with that stuff i would make it to for all those boring school days
I crammed a small slim jim in mine but it was bent. do you know any place where i can get a travel size hot saucebesides online??
You should figure out how to put like mini nachos or an ipod and drill a hole in the bottom and then itll be a ipod carrier
mini nachos?
Yes mini nachos, their the newest sensation sweeping the nations :D
O.O <br>i'm listening, where do you get them?<br>*repeats* mini nachos! mini nachos!<br>
they have ipod carrier ones
Great,<br> but don't bring to school<br>you will get caught for the ibuprofen
hate to be hateful here but HALF OF THESE IDEAS ARE URBAN SURVIVAL KITS.
&nbsp;Tobasco Sauce Container= Genius
Tobacco Sauce container = Awful
Baccy Sauce container = Slightly better
teh cheat rules!
Altoids tins... what the hell can't they do?<br><br>Cool tip, thanks for sharing. c: Kudos for the Tobasco and ibuprofen, too. XD
I buy tins like this almost compulsively and fill them with all sorts of things. It's actually counter-productive I have stacks of tins, but the idea is too cool.<br><br>Anyway, several times I've not cared for the contents, which is fine, but I found that if I stick them in a baggy and store them in my car they act as an air freshener. I have a habit of stealing extra napkins to keep in my car instead of buying tissue. I keep them in the console right next to the mints and they take on a fancy smell.<br><br>Just a way to get a bonus out of nasty tasting mints.
How do you know what axle grease tastes like?
He probably ate his car
I accidentally my car once, but not the whole thing.
r those pills extacy? jk lol:P
No, you were right the first time,
Just kidding, they were ruphies
Haha, love all this stuff, I never have enough altoid tins to make enough "survival" kits though. Also, I love that you love hot sauce.
Just get a altoids tin from some store, and dump all of them in your mouth.&nbsp; That way, you have a tin and didn't waste any of the &quot;curiously strong&quot; mints.<br /> P.S. Videotape yourself pouring them into your mouth if they're peppermint or cinnamon.&nbsp; That oughta be hysterical.
Hahah i just bought four bottles of those mini hot sauces
Do it! You'll never be without hot sauce again~
You want hot? just eat a jalopino as a banana.
uuuhhhh i loooovveeeeee Hot sauces!<br />
one thing I think you might want to add is a couple buttons, and two needles threaded with light and dark thread in a piece of fabric or cardboard.&nbsp; Emergency button and split disasters are a scary emergency in an urban environment, particularly work or church.&nbsp; LOL&nbsp; <br />
i want a mini dog<br />
&nbsp;i want Mini...mouse :D
I like hot food too but the hot sauce makes it too runny... It should be more of a paste... know what i mean?
i think your wifes uncle needs to make an instructable and divulge this secret recipe
i made an Altoids kissing kit and gave it to my girlfriend one time! it was a neat romantic gift!
if you have an altoids tin fold up a dollar and put rubberbands around it instead of the quarters. what i did was i looked at this instructable and folded it half of what they did.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/SZ8IYRVFXK6AF9V/">https://www.instructables.com/id/SZ8IYRVFXK6AF9V/</a><br/>
A dollar is a good idea and we could spend all day discussing the virtues of paper money versus coins, but I'll tell you why I chose quarters: Gumball machines. If I want some gum or candy or a bouncy ball, I can get it with a quarter. Parking meters will accept my quarters as well. If bouncy balls aren't your thing and you don't drive, a dollar will save both weight and space in your kit. It's personal preference and need.<br/><br/>By the way, this is the flashlight: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.mightybright.com/Utility_Lights/91/ProductDetail.html">http://www.mightybright.com/Utility_Lights/91/ProductDetail.html</a><br/>
yeah i dont drive so the quarters dont help much
well sometimes u just need a quarter, and a tomato.

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