Ideas for Studded IPhone Cases





Introduction: Ideas for Studded IPhone Cases

I have done a previous instruct able on how to do the iPhone cases now I decided to give some inspiration! Here we go!

Step 1: Line Studs

Pick any studs slash jewels you want and glue in a line! So simple!

Step 2: Princess

You will need a solid color case. You will also need a plastic bow. Some fake diamonds to go along the side would be nice too!

Step 3: Lovers

This one you can do with that special someone! Just take gold or silver studs and make half a heart on your iPhone case an give the other half to your friend! Great gift!

Step 4: Sassy

You will need a white case, red plastic bow, and some studs. I prefer black or gold with this case, but it's up to you! Just put he bow in a corner and place the studs in the corner diagonally. Stack like blocks! Living the young days!

Step 5: Cross

Make sure this is in the middle! It will be noticeable to the side! Just make a cross. I suggest 2 studs wide!

Step 6: Colors

Last but not least! If you are feeling colorful (unlike the picture) take some colored studs and make three rather large horizontal stripes. Easiest one I think!! Thank you for taking the time to read!! Please let me know your favorite design!!



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    I liked the cross one, very nice! Good job

    I'm a guy so these didn't really appeal to me. However, cute ideas. Where did you procure those skull studs? They are awesome.

    I can do an instructable if you like