Picture of Identifying Dogwood Trees
This is the second Instructable I have done in regards to identifying trees. As with the last one I did on Identifying Beech trees, I learned this from park rangers at Natchez Trace State Park in Wildersville, TN. Most park rangers are more than happy to instruct you on how to identify various flora and fauna, so if you like this guide I suggest asking one for help.
The Dogwood is a fairly common type of tree with multiple species and multiple uses. This guide was made with the intent to give the reader a quick overview, so I suggest investing in a field guide or asking a ranger for help if help on identifying specific species are required. I hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: Look for Leaves

Picture of Look for Leaves
A good indicator that Dogwoods are nearby is finding leaves on the ground. If you run across a tree, its leaves are also an easy to see indicator of what type of tree you are looking at. The typical leaf will look much like the one pictured, with an angled oval shape and visible veins running toward the edges. As the seasons change, so will the colors, gradually changing from green to red.
alank743 years ago
I've always been able to identify dogwoods from their leaves. They are very distinct compared to some other trees. Hopefully you are not allergic to them.
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wakojako6 years ago
dogwood you can tell by its bark lol lol lol oh ime immature
hahahaha i would describe the bark as low and husky
lemonie6 years ago
Probably shouldn't use images that are watermarked with (C) WWW.RLROUSE.COM but it's still a good guide. Can you get some photos with a camera yourself?

Kongo (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Oh wow, I didn't even notice the watermark. Thanks for the catch. I'll go out soon and snap a photo to put up.
lemonie Kongo6 years ago
Oh yeah and more trees please! L
oklaoma6 years ago
coool more trees please