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In this instructable I will tell you how I made a bluetooth controlled nerf gun. I did this for a project at my school called "If This Than That" ("ITTT"). Note that this is a school project and that I did not manage to fix all errors and bugs for this is one of the few times I worked with Arduino's.

In this project I decided to build a bluetooth controlled Nerf gun turret. I did recreate a big part of this tutorial, but I also altered some things to save time and money and because I wanted to explore this project on my own.

Step 1: What Do We Need?

First of all, you will need a nerf gun. I chose the Nerf N-Strike vulcan because it is easy to modify and has a built-in motor for shooting, which we will discuss later.

The things we need:


- 1x Arduino Uno

- 1x 9v battery (we use the battery pack included in the nerf gun)

- 1x 1k resistor

- 1x TIP 122 resistor

- 1x Servo (!note: The Nerf gun is quite heavy and requires a servo with enough torque. I used the Hitec hs805bb)

- 1x HC-05/ HC-06 Bluetooth module

- 1x Nerf N-Strike Vulcan

- Any android smartphone running android 4.4 or higher.

- Breadboard, wires, prototype boards.


- Soldering Iron

- Hot glue gun

- Dremel

- Electronic screwdriver

- Jig saw

- Small screwdriver

Other items used:

- Multiplex ( 100cm x 100cm )

- Wood glue

- Screws

- Double-sided tape

- sandpaper

<p>What an awesome school project! </p>

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