If your pants are falling down, buy a belt

In less than 15 minutes (more if you don’t find your tools…) you can add belt loop to you favorite pant. It’s more easy than to change the elastic.
You need:
• Pant
• Belt
• Tape measurement (or equivalent)
• Ribbon (or equivalent)
• Scissors
• Pins
• Sewing machine.

Please note that :
- this is my first Instructable
- English is absolutely not my mother language.

French and Spanich version exist.

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Step 1: Measure your belt

Picture of Measure your belt
Very important, here the tape measurement is in centimetres.
amandajewls3 years ago
What a fabulous idea! I have had pants without loops frustrated when they don't fit right - simple AND charming little accents!

thanks for posting a fab instructable!
Ysabeau (author)  amandajewls3 years ago
Thanks. Simple, easy... and cheap.