Igloo Guitar Talk Box





Introduction: Igloo Guitar Talk Box

I was board today so I turned my Igloo cooler into a Guitar Talk Box. It was real easy to do. Small battery powered amp, Some rubber tubbing, a cooler and some foam stuffing.



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    Oops. Figured it out (sheepish grin). The actual instructions are in a different post. Sigh...

    I know it is confusing. I first did the video thinking I could add instructions after but I had to do a new entry to add the instructions. Sorry.

    No worries. Thanks for the excellent Instructable!

    Good video, but it dominates the screen...and I can't get to the actual instructions! Is there a way to see what you've done to get there from here? I'd love to pass this along to our readers. Thanks for sharing!

    I understand, but I know way to many weirdos. and they are just my customers...

    for future refrence when you post a vedio in your instructable it would be nice if it were not a "PRIVATE" vedio that we must acept your freind request to see I dont know you. I have no idea how freikie you are there for I will not acept your freind request thatnk you.

    That was a mistake. I thought I made it public. Try it now, it should be set.