Step 3: Pull the fuse and prepare the cable

Picture of Pull the fuse and prepare the cable
Before pulling the fuse and starting to work on the car’s electric components, be sure to turn the ignition fully off. It’s maybe best to just remove the key.

I didn’t have an 18AWG cable available, so I just used a speaker box twin cable.
  • Pull the fuse for the electric windows (fuse #3, verify fuse # in your car's manual)
  • Strip off the cable insulation for the spade connector
    (Drill the ends of the twin cable together if you use the wrong cables like I did)
  • Apply the spade connector
    (check that it's properly connected by lightly pulling at the cable)
  • For the following step, don’t connect the spade connector yet. It’s hard to remove once inserted:
    To get the proper length of the cable, hold the spade connector close to the lower pin in the fuse box for the electric windows and route the cable to one of the spare fuse spots to the left of the fuse box. Consider the extra length that is needed to connect the cable to the “foot” of the fuse.
    Cut off any excess cable.
  • Strip off the cable insulation for the spade terminal
  • Apply the spade terminal to the cable
    (check that it's properly connected by lightly pulling at the cable)
  • Apply heat shrinking tube to both connectors to ensure electrical safety. You don’t want the bare metal to touch other metal parts or connectors once the cable is installed
    (This wouldn’t have been necessary for my spade connector due to it coming with insulation, but I wanted to make sure. The spade terminal will be located outside the fuse box once it’s installed, so ensure that the whole connector is isolated by the heat shrinking tube).