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Introduction: Ike Broflovski

Whilst watching an episode of South Park recently I realised that 
1) I love Ike and 
2) He'd be a great character to knit
A couple of days later, this is the result.
I'm really quite pleased with my little tike Ike but that doesn't prevent the urge to kick the baby.

He's knit with acrylic DK yarn on 3.75mm DP needles, felt features added with craft glue and stuffed with fiber fill. 
You can find the pattern here https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1t8ytROeC-Z2Kn8V5V550rxKhR29m7ftnFtydPZwX-50

If you make him I'd love to your Ike. Please don't sell my pattern or the finished product but make as many as you like for friends and loved ones!



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    that's so cool! you should sell them on etsy!

    This is amazing. I liked your little dude so much, I signed up for an account so I could leave you a message! I was wondering though, since you're so talented, do you think you could make a Roger from American Dad? Or at least guesstimate a pattern if you don't have time to make one? My guy LOVES him and I'd really like to make one for him :)

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    That is a fantastic idea! I have couple of time sensitive projects coming up for birthdays. I'll be making a Hobbes (of Calvin & ... fame) and a Dalek before the end of Sept but Roger may just jump to the top of the list after that.

    Out of curiosity, would you be more interested in a mini/desk sized Roger or a bigger toy?

    Right on! I can't wait to see the detachable upper head version. Awesome pattern!

    KICK THE BABY!!!! don't kick the baby....


    Let me know when you post the pattern - I'm so featuring this!!!

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    Unfortunately I don't have "in progress" pics so I won't make a proper instructable, but I've got the pattern linked above now.

    Thanks for the interest :D

    that is so cool.
    you should make a version where his upper head comes off and sticks on back with velcro...
    after all he is canadian you know.

    ps so am i

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    That was my plan already! I just wanted a small simple pattern first before going on to a more detailed one.