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Introduction: Ikea ANTILOP Highchair Cushion

About: industrial designer

I design this cushion for my baby and I also make an instructions.

Step 1:

You will need:


 1. fabric with print (a little bigger then paper pattern)
2. padding (a little bigger then paper pattern)
3. fabric like paper pattern (1 cm bigger for sewing)
4. fabric like paper pattern (1 cm and 2 cm bigger for sewing) (look the picture)
5. fabric 5×22 cm for rope


1. and 2. (it should be 3 – 5 cm bigger then pattern)

Step 2:

1. sew together the fabric and padding
(first at the edge, and then with long stitches sew it free, but start sewing at the center)
2. make the strips (1 cm width)
3. make a completion edge on the moon piece

Step 3:

Put the paper pattern on top of the fabric with padding and then pin it together

Step 4:

Make a stich all around 0.8 mm from the paper pattern.


Cut 1 cm around from the paper pattern.

Step 5:

1. Pin together the pieces like you could see on the picture.
(Start at the top.) Sew it 0.5 mm from the edge.


2. Sew together the strip and the fabric, 1 cm from the edge.

Step 6:

Sew it together 1 cm from the edge. Between 1 and 2 leave it open.


Cut like on the picture.

Step 7:

Turn around.

Step 8:

Close the hole.

Step 9:


Don't forgot the pdf. fail.
If you have questions you could contact me on my blog: www.bludor.com/infrarex



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    I do love a good Ikea "hack."  Nice job!  Are you familiar with the site that is dedicated to them?  http://ikeahacker.blogspot.com/  You might want to send this to that blogger to feature.

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    Thanks for the link.