Step 7: Making the Leg Extensions

I bought a piece of 2"x4"x8' machined pine from the Home Depot. I cut four pieces at approximately 16" in length.

I then took my first measurement from the original legs (that I prepared in the previous step). I measured from the bottom of the leg to the start of notch. My second measurement was to figure out the width of the notch (Both are shown in the attached image). 

WIth this information I headed for the table saw again.

The first cut: Cutting the length of the notch
- I set the height of the saw blade to the same height as the width of the notch (tip. use the original leg as a guide)
- I then used the miter guide set to 90 degrees to cross cut the pieces at their marks. (see attached)

The second cut: Cutting the width of the notch
- I set the table saw to rip the width notch. 
- I also setup a stop that would prevent me from over cutting the piece. (You have to understand that when cutting on a table saw the amount of the material removed from the underside will be greater than what is visible from the top of the material, as show in the "Table Saw Cross Section" .
The third cut: Finishing the notch on the table saw
- I then flipped the piece over and moved the fence to the opposite side of the blade. (The reason I do this, is to be as safe as possible. You never want to have a small loose piece stuck between the blade and the fence. Chances are that it will shoot back at you). 
- I setup the stop again to prevent me from over cutting. 

Once the third cut was complete a small amount of material was left where the blade couldn't reach. I removed the material with a sharp chisel. 

I then drilled two holes in each leg of the original legs. This will be for the screws. 

I was now ready to glue and screw the leg extensions to the original legs.