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My father, being a bit of a packrat, never met a box he didn't think needed to be kept. As a result, much of our basement looks like this room; a thirty year accumulation of old unused things and packing materials. We have discussed turning this room into sort of a sitting room for hot summer days, but this would clearly require some work and some resources.

The goal would be to put up some shelving or other storage solutions along the walls to take more advantage of the vertical space available and use the resulting open floor space for some newer furniture, such as a new couch and a couple chairs to relax in.



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    Where is the "after picture" with instructions as to how you achieved it?

    This was an entry into the Ikea contest, which I did not win.

    My father is tighter than two coats of paint with money and I'm back in college, so the total budget for moving forward on this is zero. The only forward progress made in this room has been the throwing out of some old papers and other minor junk and the rearrangement of some of the clutter from the interior wall to the exterior wall, that has provided the cat with an easier way up to the window.

    Short of coming into possession of a good supply of scrap lumber to build some crude shelving with, I don't foresee a significant change in the near future.

    Ahhhhhhhhh sure wish you had won :0( and that I could pay for your tuition.