DIY Flash Diffuser





Introduction: DIY Flash Diffuser

This is a simple flash diffuser that is quick and easy to make :)
Instructions here will fit on a Nikon SB800 or SB600.
Alter dimensions accordingly to fit other flashes.

***Update 8th Jan 2008***
Just came across a commercial product that is similar:

Step 1: Materials

List of materials:
1. Rationell Drawer Mat (from Ikea) - the diffuser
2. Cutting Mat - for cutting the drawer mat
3. Metal Ruler - for cutting the drawer mat
4. Pen Knife - for cutting the drawer mat
5. Marker - for marking out
6. Rubber Band - for securing the diffuser on the flash
7. Flash for fitting

Step 2: Dimensions of the Diffuser

All you have to do is to cut out a 250 x 110mm piece from the drawer mat.
This will fit a Nikon SB800 or SB600.
For other flash, maintain the 110mm width.
For the 250mm dimension, just ensure that the mat is long enough to overlap on the smaller side of the flash.

Step 3: Attaching the Diffuser

All you have to do is to wrap the diffuser as shown and secure it using a rubber band.
That's it :)

Step 4: Comparison

1. Direct flash
2. Direct flash, pointed upwards
3. Direct flash, pointed upwards, with built in bounce card
4. Light sphere
5. Light sphere, with dome
6 Ikea Diffuser

As it can be seen, results of the Ikea flash diffuser is similar to Light Sphere.
But would you carry a bulky vinyl bowl or a flat piece of mat and a rubber band :)



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    Does it change the color of the flash light? I mean some plastics make the flash look yellower, or redder. Does it happen with this plastic?

    Would bubble wrap work? IKEA is rather far from where I live =/

    You can buy this product at Lowes too in the shelves and storage area.

    I believe you can modify this a little more on the top by making it a little wider, add some velcro and make an inverted or rightside up dome. Would require more work, but I think it is possible. That way, you have something that resembles a GF Lightsphere.

    So let's get this straight- the ikea diffuser is open ended and you effectively pointing the head at the roof - hence the center of the flash beam is still being 'bounced', with some side fill coming from the beam edges striking the diffuser right ? I still prefer the 'stofen' style simple solution

    Please remember that this will Reduce the effective power and useful distance of the Flash.

    I guess all diffusers would reduce the flash power. Thanks :)

    I've used a tissue just propped on top of the flash or waved my fingers in a pinch!! kilroi

    Hi Kllroii, yup tissue does work :)

    I too have used bubble wrap as a quick and easy diffuser and have been amazed with the results. In fact, i recently made diffusion boxes for halogen work lamps while working with a green screen. The effects were amazingly good!