Ikea Hack Art Deco Table




Introduction: Ikea Hack Art Deco Table

Turn a cheap $5 Ikea Lack table into an Art Deco showstopper with just a little plywood, paint and glue.

Step 1: See How Easy It Is to Make Here!

Step 2: Stuff You'll Need

Lack table from Ikea (or small, square side table)

Maxx Gloss in China White and Patent Leather


Metallic gold paint pen

E-6000 Glue

1/4" plywood cut in the following sizes:

8 - 2" x 6"

8 - 4" x 8"

8 - 6" x 10"

Large round lid

Step 3:

1. Using a large lid, trace a curve on the corner of each of the 24 pieces

2. Cut each curve with a jigsaw and fine blade

3. Sand each piece with a sander or sandpaper

4. Paint the 6"x 10" and 2" x 6" pieces with Maxx Gloss in black

*Make sure you paint 4 sets facing each direction

5. Paint the 4" x 8" pieces in China White

6. When dry edge each piece with a metallic paint pen

7. Paint the entire table with the Maxx Gloss in black

*Ikea tables come in black, but they are not glossy which is the effect I wanted

8. Glue the painted wood pieces together in sets

9. With E-6000, glue them to the corners of each side of the table and let dry



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