Picture of Ikea Hack: STRIPA Shoe Rack
Make a simple but elegant shoe rack from Ikea shelves. Shoes float out from the wall, and their own weight keeps them in the minimal looking rack.

I really like the J-Me metal shoe rack that works in the same way as this one, but I want a few of these and the J-Me ones cost 50 GBP each. Home made ones I've seen made with planks and shelf brackets all look a bit ugly, but using a few of these pre-shaped Ikea shelves is more aesthetically pleasing, uses fewer components, and costs about 8 GBP.

Stuff you will need:
Two Ikea Stripa shelves (About 4 pounds each)
Rawl plugs

Tools (not all shown)
SD card (or something of a similar width)

Hammer drill
Pokey thing (Bradawl or thin screwdriver, for marking the wall through holes in the shelves)

NOTE: This is completely new, i built it hours before posting this instructable. For all i know, the toes of my shoes might warp after they've been in this for a long time. I take responsibility for my own shoes, but certainly not yours ;)
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Step 1: Cut Shelf

Picture of Cut Shelf
Each rack is made out of two Stripa shelves: The bottom one is left intact, the top one is cut to about 2/3 its normal depth and mounted upside down above the first.

I did this very quickly and dirtily, and it turned out well.

Mark a line to cut on the top shelf. I found an old SD card was just the right width. Clamp it, then cut that mofo!

Don't throw away the offcut, you'll be using it for something in a bit. See notes on the images if you're new to woodworking and need more details.
mgranger1 year ago
At first I was skeptical but after the photos of all the shoes, changed my mind.
chollar2 years ago
where can you buy the stripa boards
Nachimir (author)  chollar2 years ago
Unfortunately, it looks like Ikea have discontinued them. I wanted more but couldn't get them recently. Occasionally, they seem to pop up on ebay second hand.
anglii3 years ago
anglii says:
RE what: steelydanphan says:
"Nice idea! I'll add one tweak to this. The shoes should be tilted down from the wall, with a drip pan/rug beneath to catch any melting snow".

Using the Strapa shelves by Ikea wouldn't allow for a downward angle of your shoes unless you cut an angle into the back of the shelves with a table saw. Make sure both shelves have the same angles cut but on opposite ends if you are turning the top shelf upside down. I would also drill some drain holes into the bottom shelf so that water doesn't pool on the shelves.

Wonder how these shelves and your shoes have held up over the years Nachimir.
Nachimir (author)  anglii3 years ago
Most of the shoes have been replaced, but the shoe racks are still there. They\'re in good condition, as I don't put wet shoes on them.
anglii Nachimir3 years ago
Thanks Nachimir,

What about the toes of the shoes that you store in the "Nachimir rack"? You were worried about them bending.
Nachimir (author)  anglii3 years ago
Pleased to report there's been no toe damage at all. Polished shoes keep their finish and soft ones don't seem to deform under their own weight.
Whatnot6 years ago
You know ikea sells various kinds of shoeholders ready-made both the cheaper and expensive kinds, I don't see the point of this I'm sorry to say, but if people like to make this, and other responses seem to indicate they do, then it's still a good submission though.
craig3 Whatnot4 years ago
Isn't that kind of the point of instructables though? Sure you COULD just buy one but where is the joy, the thrill, the love of making it yourself and the pride of showing off your work? Its a D.I.Y website after all, and the majority of the guides on here can be done by just buying the things straight out anyway, but that isnt fun
Nachimir (author)  Whatnot6 years ago
They don't sell ones like this though, and this was the kind I wanted.
Nice idea! I'll add one tweak to this. The shoes should be tilted down from the wall, with a drip pan/rug beneath to catch any melting snow. I also have limited room. It'll be mounted just above a heat register so that'll speed the melt/dry process. Love it!
X-Tremo5 years ago
Nice job men. I really like it :) But i guess my GF wont so her heels wont fit there :p
SinAmos6 years ago
I kind of like, but I just this recently with a bar.
cmmc6 years ago
I like it - makes it easier to clean if boots and shoes are already up off the floor - especially in our messy Canadian winters - wish Lifehacker had featured this back in October!
claudiapatx6 years ago
This is really cool. I've been looking for a way to get my husbands shoes off the floor. This is perfect! Very unique idea. Great job! Now you need to make one that would work for woman's dress shoes!
LinuxH4x0r6 years ago
Genius. Wouldn't work for me, but I really like the concept
cool idea. But you'd have put similar kinds of shoes on each shelf because of the height restriction. For example, I couldn't make a shelf to put both sports shoes and ballet flats.. but i guess that's why you would have multiple shelves of different heights to accomodate that :) Im just jealous I didn't think o fthis before you did.
Nachimir (author)  firegardeneve6 years ago
Heh, yes, I've put two up there now, one above the other with a decent gap between them. The lower one is for boots and chunky shoes, the upper one for shoes.

I kinda nicked the idea from j-me a long time ago :)

it was only when I saw those ikea shelves that I realised I could make an aesthetically pleasing home made one.
codongolev6 years ago
cool. it's like they're floating!!
I thought that too
shooby6 years ago
Yep, this is pretty cool. I'd probably try to make it from pine clapboard or something, might be cheaper (I buy 3/4" x 6" x 10' pine boards for $10 US (damn city hardware store prices), so that's a good amount of shelving for 5 GBP. Im guessing those shelves are about 80cm long?
pharmer16 years ago
Very cool. I wish I had an Ikea in my home town. This is similar to the one I made:
shooby pharmer16 years ago
Maybe they have some wood in your home town...
MrCruz6 years ago
haha. That's kinda neat. Tho... wouldn't just be easier to put them on the ground? (Bah. Look at me. This is Instructables. It's not good if it's simple :P)
Nachimir (author)  MrCruz6 years ago
It would be, but at the moment I keep more than three pairs of shoes there. I'm going to have a couple of racks, one above the other. Plus, I like making shoes look like they're floating ;)
Thornburg6 years ago
Looks clean, nice job and good work.