When Dave and I bought this house about two and a half years ago, we were surprised when our bed didn't fit into our 3rd floor bedroom. Being new homeowners and thusly, broke as all get out, I went to Ikea and purchased the cheapest bed I could find, thinking that we could take the boxes up the stairs and put the bed together. We really wanted a nice, upholstered headboard, but everything we liked was at least several hundred dollars. Here's how we got exactly what we wanted for about $150.

Step 1: Cut & attach fiberboard and foam

We started with the DALSELV bed, which retails at $99 for the Queen size frame.

Dave sawed off the tips of wood that jut out at the top of the frame so we'd have a neat, rectangular shape to start with. Then he took a piece of plain ol' fiberboard and cut it the same size as the headboard so I'd have something to upholster over. A mist of spray-mount holds the foam in place.
LOOOOOVE this fabric!! You said you got it from the Needle Shop. Do you know the designer of the fabric????
Thank you very much!!!
<br>Love it. Very stylish and obviously you know how to change it again if you wish. Very elegent.
LOVE it! I knew someone had to have altered this bedframe. :)
My husband and I&nbsp;bought one of Ikea's metal frame bed (name eludes me at the moment) and I liked it, then it grew old, then it was just functional, now it's an eye sore. My style has changed and I'm leaning towards dark stained woods. I found this bed on Kijiji, I can get it for 50$ including slats, and do this hack, all for under 80$...I'm sure. I&nbsp;think this is genius!<br /> <br /> As for the slats in our current frame and the frame itself;&nbsp; held for 10 years, had 3 or more kids jumping on it on at any given time in addition to us lying in bed,&nbsp; they haven't fallen, shifted, or broken. The bed frame is VERY solid, dead quiet, and would probably last another 10 years or more BUT...I'm just tired of it visually. <br /> <br /> It's time for a change....now to convince my husband.<br />
This is not MY&nbsp;bed but it's the model I&nbsp;have...whatever it's called LOL<br /> <br /> <a href="http://www.casasugar.com/Before-After-Bedroom-Beautiful-1595865" rel="nofollow">http://www.casasugar.com/Before-After-Bedroom-Beautiful-1595865</a><br />
&quot;Voil&aacute;&quot; not <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viola" rel="nofollow">viola</a><br /> <br /> L<br /> <br />
Actually it's voil&agrave; -- you've got the wrong accent.&nbsp; I'm a French teacher, so ... But shame on you for correcting a sleep-deprived new mom!
Thanks, I appreciate it. So if we're being precise, are you French and a teacher, or a teacher of French as a language?<br /> <br /> L<br />
<p>I live in Montr&eacute;al, Qu&eacute;bec, Canada -- the only&nbsp;province/state in North&nbsp;American where French is the official (and legal)&nbsp;language.&nbsp; Approximately 75% of Qu&eacute;bec's population is francophone; I'm one of them.&nbsp; French is my mother tongue, but I have a facility with languages and learned English and Russian as a child.&nbsp; I have a B.A. in literature from a French university and an M.A. in literature from McGill University, which you might have heard of.&nbsp; So I'm both French and a teacher AND a teacher of French.&nbsp; I've just retired, though, so now I'm just doing&nbsp;a bit of tutoring.</p>
OK, thanks for the details. How is Russian to learn, I imagine it's a bit different from European?<br /> <br /> L<br /> <br /> (Yes I've heard of McGill)<br />
Hee!&nbsp;Thanks. But to be fair, lemonie didn't know that I'm a walking zombie. :)<br />
Did I&nbsp;leave out the part where I'm a sleep-deprived mother of a newborn?<br />
I guess that we did. It's a common thing (the voila-word). Bed-hacks are good, they leave you with some comfort to enjoy for a long time<br /> <br /> L<br />
I've been thinking of purchasing the same bed, but like you I'm not fond of the&nbsp;useless headboard.&nbsp; Thanks for this.<br /> I've got a question about this bed.&nbsp; What set of slats did you get for it?&nbsp; I've read some not-too-positive reports about Ikea slats shifting, bending&nbsp;and even breaking, and I've got a heavy pillowtop mattress.&nbsp; I'm also not the smallest person -- the photo of my cat Darcy is rather misleading!
Hi&nbsp;mariedarcy,<br /> <br /> Ikea has different levels of slats. We got <a href="http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/90098766" rel="nofollow">the ones that bend upwards and adjust with rubber sleeves in the center</a>.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> My husband is 6'5&quot; and we've been pretty comfy with no problems so far. I&nbsp;think the hitch is to splurge on their best slats.<br /> <br /> -Alana<br />
If you make this project, please drop by and let us know at <a href="http://waterspiper.blogspot.com/2009/11/ikea-hack-sorta-upholstered-headboard.html" rel="nofollow">waterspiper.blogspot.com/2009/11/ikea-hack-sorta-upholstered-headboard.html</a><br /> <br /> We'd love to see pictures and hear how it worked out for you.<br />

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