This is a guide for how to make two IKEA Lack Floating selves from one IKEA Lack table.

As seen on ikeahackers.net

You will need one table from IKEA, check if you can find a super deal for half price in "as is section".
Then you will need some tools.

Step 1: The Tools You Need

You are going to need the following tools:
A saw to split in half the table top.
a jigg to bend the brackets.
a drill to drill the brackets and the wall
a screw driver
a lot of  helping tools devices and appliances check the photo to have an idea!It's a mess!
Hello to all of you out there, I am happy to anounce that it is possible to buy brackets from my site by PayPal.<br> <br> Follow this link: <a href="http://migma-ideas.blogspot.gr/2013/03/buy-ikea-lack-shelves-brackets.html" rel="nofollow">http://migma-ideas.blogspot.gr/2013/03/buy-ikea-lack-shelves-brackets.html</a> If your country is not listed please quote here to add your country option.<br> <br> <em><strong>Thanks to SolidCactus for firing up this movement!</strong></em>
Hey, <br> <br>Loving this project! Any chance you could tell me find the brackets? I'm looking for the Ikea Dormer but can't find anything? <br> <br>Thanks!
There is only in 30 cm long and in 110 cm long. The ones I made is 55cm long, exactly how long I need them. Plus this cost me only 2,50 euros! Because I bought it from the AS IS section and the rest of the parts was laying around in my workshop.
I got mine from the as is section too! I noticed them damaged next to the bin on my round as a security guard (I didn't work for IKEA, but for another corporation) and told them that I'd buy them as-is instead of IKEA having to throw them away. My idiot mini-boss was angry because I dared help the environment. I like IKEA, but both me and the other co-worker he &quot;ruled over&quot; quit shortly after -HAHA!
You can't get ready made LACK floating shelves at IKEA any more?
You can, but the price difference can be the deciding factor.<br><br>(U.S. prices used)<br>LACK Side Table - $8-10<br>LACK Wall Shelf - $14-20<br><br>
Nice work. I have a feeling these are a lot stronger than the normal Lack shelves too, which I hear tend to sag with time...

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