Picture of Ikea Standing Desk Hack
I recently got over a bulging disc with annular tears in my lower lumbar area (L4-L5/S1). I'd been reading about standing desks and had been curious about them for a while. After searching online and seeing the (what I believe to be) ridiculous prices I settled on a solution that you put on top of an existing desk (www.varidesk.com). It was a good solution and served me well although it was tough to justify at $300.00 for the dual-monitor model. My employer reimbursed me for the cost and I dove in feet first. Initially my back and legs would get sore after more than an hour standing but within a couple weeks I was standing half of the day or more. I was more alert, energetic, and focused on work. Somewhere along the way I decided that I'd never be without a standing desk again. Then I quit my job to start-up a company with a couple buddies. Having to leave this desk since my (now former) employer paid for it I decided to find something to use in my new home office. Searching online again I kept coming back to the Varidesk although that requires you to have an existing desk to put it on (which I didn't have). I found some Ikea standing desk hacks both at instructables.com as well as other places online. I decided to take bits and pieces from a few I saw online as well as adding some elements to make it my own.

I like it, I wish we had an ikea in Hawaii, looks like I'll be making my own.