When we couldn't fit two pantries along the fridge wall due to traffic flow issues, it left us with an awkward blank spot at the narrow entry to our kitchen. Not only was it ugly to look at, but the lack of a pantry left us terribly short of storage space!

Ikea's Stenstorp kitchen cart seemed like a great idea, but I'm not a fan of the open storage. I wanted extra drawer space to hold things like my kitchen knives and towels, however, I didn't want to permanently alter the cart in case I ever wanted to convert it back one day.

Friend to the rescue: when I explained my vision for the cart, his solution was to build a removable two drawer unit that simply slips in and sits on the top shelf. I liken this project to the 'Turducken' of Ikea hacks: the removable drawer unit is essentially two drawer boxes within a box that sits between the two rails in the top portion of the cart!

Step 1: Coordinate With the Original Finishes

Since the Stenstorp sports a yellow shade of white, my husband colour matched a white that was identical to our kitchen cabinets. We also bought the same oil bronzed cup pulls to tie in the hardware.

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