So a couple years ago, my little one needed a desk and not having shop space at the time, I was unable to build one for him. The next best thing was to pick up a junker at the local thrift shop. It totally was a junker, but for $10 it worked fine. It was an old Ikea desk someone had taken and done a horrible paint job on the legs and on the top. It looked like dark faux wood on the top and white, flaky, paint dribbled legs. 

We decided to finally sass it up a bit, and I have to say, it is 100% better than what it was with only a little bit of paint, stencils, and a angle grinder.

This intructable is def an easy, and it was def cheap. I ended up spending less than $20 for the table and fixing it up. I only had to buy red spray paint and stencils because I had leftover house paint and polyurethane. 

What you will need:

Old desk
Two paint colors
Masking Tape
Plastic or paper to mask
Angle Grinder
Tools to take desk apart and sander
Polyurethane (optional)

Step 1: Step 1: Breaking It Down

The first thing we did, was break the desk down. For this desk, it was about 6 screws that we had to remove. We wanted to remove it so we could paint both the top and bottom, and also grid all the finish off the legs and base.

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