Introduction: Ikea Lamp? Non-Ikea Shade? Fixed in $3!

Picture of Ikea Lamp?  Non-Ikea Shade?  Fixed in $3!

Got an Ikea lamp and you want to have a non-Ikea shade? Fix that problem for less than $3!

I searched everywhere for a fast, easy solution, a little gizmo or adapter or something, all to no avail. After giving it some thought I realized the way to fix the problem.

Step 1: Ikea Socket, Too Large for Regular Lampshades

Picture of Ikea Socket, Too Large for Regular Lampshades

Yes, it's the socket that's the problem. It's too large to hold regular lampshades. You guessed it: change the socket.

Step 2: Broken Socket.

Picture of Broken Socket.

It was not budging, it was not unscrewing, it did not want to move. I accidentally broke the socket trying to get it off. That's when I realized that was the only way this one was coming off. Hopefully your experience will be different!

Step 3: Attach New Base.

Picture of Attach New Base.

Attach the new base, pulling the wires through beforehand. Next up, wire the socket. Super easy.

Step 4: Voila!

Picture of Voila!

You now have a new socket that will hold any lampshade! Well, sans an Ikea one. The lampshade world is your oyster now.

Step 5: Add Shade and Bulb And...

Picture of Add Shade and Bulb And...

you are good to go!

Step 6: Your New Lamp!

Picture of Your New Lamp!

Your old lamp is brought to life with a brand new shade! Come read the whole story over on my blog:


Susitna (author)2014-12-08

You forgot to show the UL knot that keeps the wires from being pulled out, which could cause a nasty shock if a strand touches the metal light socket. My husband forgot the knot when he wired hanging lamp, giving me a shock a few weeks later. That's why no longer plays with lamps. The wood tools and sewing machines are also off limits. A navy doctor ordered him to stay away from my sewing machine 25 years ago after 2 sick calls in one week involving sewn fingers. However, he is a good mechanic adequate plumber. We can't all have the same skills.

Humboldtartdept (author)Susitna2014-12-08

Thanks for taking the time to write. I didn't mention all the steps here in the Instructables post, correct; I did discuss the knot in my blog post which outlines my whole process. It can be found here:

Susitna (author)Humboldtartdept2014-12-08

I only mentioned the knot, because I believe that there are more people like my husband, wing it instead of reading instructions, I felt that was an imprtant detail for safety. Of course the hazard ia far worse for a hanging lamp, where gravity helps to speed up the process. As for me, I do a ridiculous amount of reading. Instructables have become some of my favorite reading. So much to learn!!!. So far I have read about 2,000.When I move back to Talkeetna, we will starting a small camping cabin bbusiness , and while the layout will be one of two plans (ADA Compliant) "functionally" accessible, each one will be drcorated somewhat differently.

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