So you know those strings of lights you get at ikea that look a bit like flexible leds but with what appear to be incandescents, they're called Ormen...

they come on a white translucent plastic reel that will invariably have no use after the lights find a permanent home...

Step 1: Materials, No Tools

All you need is the big plastic reel bit and a simple light fixture, you get ones that have a switch just below the bulb holder that come with a big clip attached, everyone has one in their attic somewhere...
<p><strong>looks very very very nice thank<br /> </strong></p>
Really contemporary lamp
I like it, it's nuts and that's exactly what I love about it. Or for that "authentic" bug lamp look go with pale blue or blacklight. 8-) lol
I see nothing called "Ormen" online. What the hell?
Hmm it's either discontinued or not online for whatever reason...
This is like the ultimate Ikea hack.
Nope, I'm making a new one, which is at the very minimum 18 times more impressive, it's twice the size, shows nine times as many colours and it uses even less power than this one, plus it'll look better when off.
Awesome! I just love this one because it's so simple. It's like the packaging was designed to be something other then packaging, and all it took was a clever person to see its potential.
Aww shucks... Admittedly the second one is more fanciful but within rights, since it's uses are extended aswell as the quality of it... Some day soon I'm going to hit the junk aisle in IKEA or as is aisle, see what can be done... I do reckon I have a system of shelving that could be made out of these lamps aswell, I'll post it some day after I take apart the second version for other wants...
I reckon that'd be a pretty cool idea too. Lots of people love the AS-IS section in IKEA, and why not, sometimes there's good materials really really cheap. Good luck!
So that big corkscrew thing is a cord coiler, cool. I see why you didn't toss it, now your utility lamp (looks durable anyways) has a cord coiler already built onto it for transportation. Nice work+
it was the actual lamp that was the cord originally and was designed to be used on the coil aswell, I just got bored and didn't want to throw it away... This solution was better than stuffing it in a cupboard, grnated I'm runing out of places to put all the lamps I make. Thanks positive stuffs always nice to hear...
Ikea is the cheapest non thrift furniture you can get, but depending on your budget buying more than lamps and mirrors is too expensive. I'm more in the college-student-making-furniture-from-crates department.
Yeah but the items used in this are cheaper than a thrift store so I'm happy enough... theyre junk anyway, bits you don't use.
Ikea, expensive? How cheap is it out there in the US? In the UK here, Ikea is extremely cheap.
It's not expensive it's cheap, I think americans get alot of cheaper furniture though...
That's cool!<br/>The lamp looks nice too.. usually I don't buy much from Ikea, too expensive.<br/><br/>There's this awesome couch though.<br/><sub>Sadly, I think it is $700 USD.</sub><br/>
<sub>What I meant was, it is sad, because it is about $700, around there, I forgot.</sub><br/>
nah i knew what ya meant first time, I really like some of their furniture but some isn't to my tastes, all of it is great value sadly some things cost alot no matter what.

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