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Introduction: Ikea Space Challenge- Art Studio

      In shopping the Ikea Catalog and my imagination, I created a beautiful space for creating and showing my artwork. I see 4 Billy shelf bookcases on caster wheels to display my work. The shelves are movable and the bookcases can be used to create a nice wall with closet space behind them for storage. The other side of the room I would put 3 sets of Expedit bookcases with 8 sections in each one. Also on wheels with baskets in every other space in order to house my art supplies.Later, I would add more Expedit bookcases with a top to create a worktable. I also include a three drawer filing cabinet to house important paperwork. My total without tax came to $1001.96.
       Our local Church ministry will receive donations of my existing pieces of leftover furniture from this project. I have been writing about this process on my blog- www.houseworksbypathouse.blogspot.com. I am planning a virtual party to celebrate when I win! Thank you for this opportunity.

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    I just wanted to say thank you for offering this challenge. I took it and I worked very hard this last month to prepare for winning the new furniture. Win or lose I feel like I've won because this studio looks much better than it did and the contest made the process more fun. My studio is going to be a nice classroom when I get the new furniture. It will no longer be a dumping ground. Good luck with your judging and thank you for considering my entry!

    Still going.....getting tired, but still going!

    I was unable to upload current pictures showing the state of my space now and my visitor. If you would like to see check out my blog- www.houseworksbypathouse.blogspot.com.
    I look forward to teaching classes and workshops in here when its complete. I hope to transform it into a really nice space! One hour a day, Monday- Friday, baby stepping all the way!

    I am still continuing my one hour a day goal of cleaning out and purging. Yesterday i donated 10 boxes of stuff to our local charity. They will raise money from selling my donations and use it to help those in the the community that really need it. I still have a big mess but it is getting better.
    I have included a visitor to my studio who scared me out of my skin with his unexpected "hello". He came to check out my progress for a while. I hope he liked what he saw.

    I put in another hour and a half today. Today I am really tired and all this sorting is driving me crazy. Slowly though I am seeing progress. I remind myself it took years to get like this! I see clearly that my school teacher mentality was save everything because I might need it. I was constantly in a state of lack as I was spending so much of my own salary to buy supplies for my students. Now I am sorting some of those same supplies from school, church, boy scouts, etc. Lots of memories in all this stuff! Time to say good bye to what no longer serves me. My studio is going to look great when it get new furniture in here.

    I just came in from clutter clearing in my studio and now I am off to the shower. I am soak and wet. I have some areas coming together though. I'll try to update pictures soon so you can see my progress.

    arts and crafts is definitely a clutter hobby! We made a room a couple years ago using closets-to-go, but have still managed to steal part of the living room space for another desk! am looking forward to this project!

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    It is amazing how it grows into out of control! Thanks for your comment.

    I've got 3 more hours in this week so far clearing clutter so this space will be ready to be beautified! It's amazing how much you collect after 17 years of art making!