Picture of IkeaHack: Tertial iPad holder
How awesome would it be to lie in bed and watch a movie on your iPad hanging overhead? It seemed really relaxed to me, so I went around looking for iPad holders that could provide this functionality. Unfortunately they don't come cheap, so I figured to build my own. The main requirement is that it can hold my iPad Air in it's Griffin Survivor case (total weight approx 800-900grams).

Materials used:
1 Tertial (Ikea swing arm desk lamp) ~10 euro's
1 iPad holder (cheap chinese one) ~10 euro's
4 extra springs (e.g. from another Tertial) (optional)
2 small screws
1 nail (optional)
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Step 1: Disassemble the Tertial lamp socket

Picture of Disassemble the Tertial lamp socket
- Ensure that the lamp is not plugged in!
- Unscrew the lamp head from the arm
- Loosen the screw keeping the lamp wire fixed to the lamp head
- Remove the lamp socket. It is held to the lamp head with 2 plastic clamps. The best way to get it loose is to use your thumb to push the socket against the side of the lamp head, causing the clamp on the opposite to be slightly opened. Pry a small screwdriver in between to completely open the clamp. Pull out the socket, cause the other clamp to let loose.

Step 2: Disassemble the wiring

Picture of Disassemble the wiring
- Ensure that the lamp is not plugged in!
- Remove the wires to the socket, they are clamped.
- Remove the wire altogether by pulling it through the swing arm.
- Don't throw the lamp head and wires away! You could use them to make a hang lamp.

Step 3: Attach iPad holder

Picture of Attach iPad holder
- Flatten the end of the arm
- Screw the iPad holder to the arm using some small screws. Be sure to attach it to the center of the iPad holder, else the iPad will not be balanced and will rotate.
Note that the iPad holder I have is adjustable in size and had a little lever for adjustment. The lever was unnecessary and in the way so I cut it away.
ironsmiter1 year ago
would have left the lamp wiring in place, and used it to power a charger for the tablet.

would make a good cooking holder for the kitchen also, I think,
NTT ironsmiter1 year ago
That's a great idea!
Eh Lie Us! NTT1 year ago

or both. iPad on one side charging with the current cord and a switch to power a small LED bulb. Light on one side, iPad on the other!