Picture of I'll Make You a Custom Robot
I am making custom low-cost Robots for kids and adults. I want to get everyone's opinion on what they want in a Robot for under $100. Post an idea on this page. When I say Robot, it can be almost anything or do anything. Please throw some ideas at me. If anyone has something specific in mind that they would like me to design and build, message me privately and I can start immediately. My goal is to give anybody a cool custom Robot for under $100. Thanks.

Kiteman5 years ago
Are these pictures images of your robots, or just inspiration?

Anyhoo, I think this should be a forum topic, rather than a slide show.
idy26 Kiteman5 years ago
Ideas: -An RC or autonomous ball robot similar to the Globetrotters Robot that could have a camera put inside. -A UAV, and a good cheap one. -A butler bot, or something like it, even though there a re a few already. Uhmmm... -A ground (or air) drone hunter-killer for airsoft if you know what it is. I got more :D