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Introduction: Illuminated Calming Jar

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Mesmerizing glitter. This will help to relax kids and adults of all ages. Either give yourself a timeout or your kids.This pretty jar is a sanity saver.

Disclaimer: Do not give a glass jar to a child who is to young to hold it safely or who is in the middle of a tantrum. This is a great tool but please use responsibly.

To any instructables member- If you make one of your own, I will gladly put it in my instructable to show it off.Just attach it in the comment section and ask that I put  it in.

I made another one, just for fun.(I love these)This time I made it out of a slender glass salad dressing jar.




Step 1: Items Needed

*Jar  with a lid (you can use a plastic bottle, the voss bottle would look nice and be safer for small children)but glass would last longer
*3 tbsp of clear glue (or glitter glue) to each 1 cup of (hot) water to fill the jar -you can just eyeball it.
*Glitter (I added about 1-2 inches of glitter)
*Submersible led light - I bought it at Michaels craft store for about $4 (with a coupon of course- 40% off)
*Velcro - i found it at the 99 cents only store- you cant beat that

Step 2: To Get Started

Put the velcro on the lid and on the led light. Pour in the glitter.I used white,blue, and pink. you want to try to get  about 3 different types of glitter. I used extra fine , fine and  blue , the blue doesnt say what "grade" of glitter it is but it is obviously bigger. Also what's really cool is that when you shake it the water looks blue at first because of the  bigger glitter then it falls and then the color seems to turn to pink.(this is when i use the jar without turning on the light) Both ways are very pretty.

Step 3: Almost Done... Yay

Then pour in the glue. The more glue that you put in ,the glitter will take longer to fall. You can adjust the amount of glitter and glue to suit your needs. Now pour in the hot water and put the lid on and shake vigorously. Then open the jar back up, use a q-tip or napkin to gently soak up the bubbles.This will help the water be more clear. Ok, you're done. Turn on your led and replace lid, shake and relax watching the beautiful glitter fall.

If you choose to not use the led light you could glue your jar shut so little ones are not tempted to open it.

To use it on an upset child, the idea is to use it as a timeout "Timer". When the glitter has completely fallen(and hopefully their attitude has changed) they can resume playing. Kids (and adults) like to watch it and it helps them refocus.It also relaxes them  so you can start putting them down for a nap or bedtime. It works wonders on my year 3 old. He loves it. He calls it his "shiny treasure"

TIP: To get the sticky label off of say... a spaghetti sauce jar. You can either peel it off or use your hairdryer to get it warm and peel it off. Then it is usually still really sticky, so rub some oil over the sticky parts and let sit over night.In the morning you can either just wipe it off or you can use a the corse side of a sponge . ( I use olive oil)

Step 4:



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    dude itss really wurks. bruhh. my kids luv it.

    how long do the lights last???

    I really cannot wait to make this!

    Love this (: I was looking around and they make Black light responsive and also glow in the dark glitters. I think maybe you could get a nice glow effect with it if you used a lot of the glitter. probably not as bright as the LED, but still cool. I'm gonna get some and experiment with it soon (:

    Great instructable ! Thanks for sharing. As a thought ( because my 2 yr old throws everything whether he is mad or not) I thought to use an empty plastic peanut butter jar. Almost unbreakable :)

    very very cool! i'm trying to get the same effect, I made one but i think i used too much glue or too much glitter. theres hardly any sparky shine & the water just ended up being dark blue, the light doesnt penetrate all the way just the very top. I think i should change colours or something and use less of everything. Any tips?

    Oh Okay thank you! this does help, will be making soon:)

    Okay 2 questions, will the Velcro and led light fall off from being exposed to water? And Does the light turn off or stay on constantly?

    1 reply

    Eventually the light might. But it has held up pretty well. Yes the light does stay on until you open the jar and manually turn it off. Unless you can find a different kind of led then what I found at michaels craft store. I hope this helps. :)

    i went to the Dollar Tree today and got a package with 4/5 shades of blue and green glitter, i hope it's enough, it would be so pretty. now i just need clear glue!

    1 reply

    That sounds pretty. Send me a pic in the add comment section and I would be happy to post it in my instructable.

    Thank you. Lol, no,I just thought it would be a good reminder to help ensure the safety of kids. Luckily my 3 year old doesn't have too many tantrums.


    plastic containers would work. if you add 20% cooking oil and then some Effervescent tablets and food colouring, you will get great movement of bubbled with the light.

    3 replies

    That sounds real cool but wouldnt you have to add the tablets everytime? If you try that I would love a pic. I wish I had some of those tablets on hand, I would try it.

    Yes, but if you use plastic bottles, even children can add the tablets safely. We've done that much before. It will be great to get both working.

    Yes, that would be great. :)

    I wonder if putting a small resistor pack to heat the bottom of the jar to create convection currents would work?

    Nice make BTW! Thanks for posting.