A very cool light up clock made by using a Scroll Saw. 

Step 1: Materials/Tools

1 analog clock
1 large piece of plywood
Spray adhesive glue
Scroll Saw or try the Dremel Trio
Hot glue
Movable lamp

Step 2: Trace

Trace the outside of the clock on thin plywood.

Step 3: Cut

Cut with a scroll saw the outside of the clock. 

Step 4: Glue

Use spray adhesive glue ( do not put too much on because you want to be able to take this off after if you put too much on wait a bit for some of it to dray and attach to the round piece of wood). 

Step 5: Drilling and Cutting

Drill a hole at the end of each number. Put the round saw in through each hole and cut it out. 

Step 6: Attach to Light

Put it all together with the clock movment the clear plastic piece and the frame. 

Step 7: Your Done Have Fun!

What is the name of that blade? That's awesome.
Im not really sure, sorry but its a round one, im pretty sure any one would do.
there should be some way to make the hour light up only.
Yup I have a way and if you want me to make it just ask what I could do is add a flat piece of tin cut a hole in it and have it move with the time movement. so that the hour is the only one moving. Don't forget to vote I put lots of hard work into this.
I like the idea, but i think there should be light up hands too somehow.
Yea i am going to paint glow inm the dark pint on them so you can see them. <br>
That is pretty cool. nice idea. ... do you have to worry about the light behind the clock getting too hot? <br>
I am also thinking of putting glow in the dark paint on the hands so you can see them too.
No you could use LED or CFL light bulb<br>

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