I needed a clock that looked cool. Blue LED's look cool. Do the math. The basic idea is to have a clock that is lit from the frame.
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Step 5: Done!

So there you go, a clock that lights up. Plug in a 9v, flick the switch, and you're ready to go!
acastillon3 years ago
GREAT IDEA ! but, leaving the LED in 24/7 is not a great idea at all. Well you can attach a long wire separated by a switch and attach the long wire near you with the switch so you can push the switch on/off without turning it on all night plus, it saves energy and you can have long lasting LED lights for your clock.

gl0000015 years ago
It would be cool to have the leds attached at the end of the clock hands. Bringing power to them would be be difficult I guess. Three different colors would work best. Another option would be to have leds all around the clock and they would illuminate to follow the hands. This would need some electronics. I have ideas but no time to do it. Can someone do this ?
munchman (author)  gl0000014 years ago
 That's the exact same idea I had immediately after I did this... I was thinking something like blue following the hours and green following the minutes...
nattyee6 years ago
thats cool as great idea . how did you get the idea from ?
munchman (author)  nattyee5 years ago
I just thought of it... you know?
fade4006 years ago
How long do the leds last ? I'm assuming they are on 24/7
munchman (author)  fade4006 years ago
I'm not sure, I don't leave them on 24/7. I think that it would be a couple of years, led's are pretty robust. The battery would only limit it. I can't tell you how long I've had them on because I stole the battery clip after a few days.
Sweet. Maybe if you can put an LED pointing at each number, that would look pretty cool, but kind of weird to wire up and stuff. Not really, I'm just lazy to do it. :-) +5/5 stars.
Kinda cool, if you put the LEDs at an angle facing out at a shallow angle, they'll light more of the frame... Or hide them in the indent in the back of the frame so the clock has a blue circle around it...
munchman (author)  killerjackalope6 years ago
I was trying to go for the lit frame effect, but this is how it came out. I might do another one in the future.
Turn all the led's 90 degrees clockwise (or anti clockwise as long as they're all turned one way) Then the frame would be lit, however adding a second set would keep that cool X or cross effect going on with the lights...
munchmum6 years ago
Looks great. It could also double as a gentle night light for younger kids.
Ora6 years ago
You just gave me a GREAT idea!