Illuminated Glass Gift Decoration





Introduction: Illuminated Glass Gift Decoration

This illuminated glass gift decoration is a simple and affordable project to make. I bought the materials at a dollar store so it only cost about $5 to make each one! I made several and gave them as Christmas presents. They're so pretty that I kept a few for myself as well! Just follow the steps in my instructable and you will surely light up any room with this beautiful decoration!

Step 1: Gather Materials As Shown

You will need:

  • Double-sided tape (I used carpet tape that I had on hand)
  • A square mirror (5"x 5")
  • Battery-operated LED lights
  • 4.5' of decorative ribbon with wire edge
  • A 3"x 3" or 4"x 4" square glass
  • Low-temp mini glue gun and glue sticks
  • 2 AA batteries

Step 2: Secure Battery Compartment to Underside of Mirror

Adhere double-sided tape (cut to fit) to the side of the battery compartment that the batteries go in; not the removable slide-off door of the compartment. Remove the tape backing and secure the battery compartment (with on/off switch near the edge) centered at one side of the mirror. Optional: secure battery pack using hot glue.

Step 3: Make the Bow and Insert the Lights

Wrap the ribbon (in gift-box fashion) around the square glass box and make a bow. The ribbon will criss-cross over the open-end of the glass and the bow will be on the opposite end. Feed the lights, one-by-one, through one opening made by the ribbon in the bottom of the glass box.

Step 4: Secure Glass Box to Mirror

Run a bead of hot glue along the bottom edge of the glass box leaving a small space for the wire of the light set. Turn the glass box over and carefully center it onto the mirror. Tuck any excess wire into the glass box. Run another bead of hot glue along the edges where the glass box meets the mirror leaving a small space where the wire protrudes.

Step 5: Insert Batteries, Turn Switch on and Admire Your Lovely Creation!



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    And Furthermore, Do You Think I Could Use A Custom Glass Case Instead Of A

    Glass Box?

    1 reply

    I just used square glass vases. I recently found some rectangular ones in a thrift shop, so used those as well.

    Do You Think That You Could Make This With A Custom Model Instead Of A 5x5 Mirror? (I'm A Work In Progress Glass Smith, And I Think This Idea Is Great!)

    1 reply

    I like the mirror as it reflects the light more, but you could use custom glass instead, I suppose.