Illuminated Helping Hands





Introduction: Illuminated Helping Hands

Hi there.
I'm using helping hands regulary. Most of the time I work at night and i hate when a I can't see what am I soldering. So I've decided to make an easy led light that can be added to regular helping hands.

Step 1: Parts & Tools

Parts you'll need :
- Helping hands
- Switch
- 3V button cell battery (CR2032)
- 3V battery holder
- Heat shrink tubink
- Couple of wires

Tools you'll need :
- Soldering iron + solder
- Lighter (for heat shrink tubing)

Step 2: Putting It Together

Solder wire to positive lead of battery and negative lead to swtich. Then to solder positive lead to LED and other side of switch to negative lead of LED. Then glue all of it to the back of helping hands.

Step 3: Finished !

You're finished. It's easy, fast and usefull so go ahead !



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when i first saw the title i thought it was ILLUMINATI HELPING HANDS and i was like what the f&ck

I have an arm lamp right over my helping hands I use to illuminate that workspace. Plus the magnifying glass that came with mine wasn't the greatest so I've a magnifier on another arm I made over it as well. It can get a bit crowded working in that spot!

I would love to post an image but this website seems a bit broken here now. I've tried two different browsers and it still does not seem to be functioning properly. They ought to fire their webmaster.

Oh well it looks like this:

I can't even get "Rich Editor" to come up right now so sorry about the bare link there.

love how you've illuminated your helping hands! thanks for sharing.

very nice! thanks for sharing!