Hi there.
I'm using helping hands regulary. Most of the time I work at night and i hate when a I can't see what am I soldering. So I've decided to make an easy led light that can be added to regular helping hands.

Step 1: Parts & Tools

Parts you'll need :
- Helping hands
- Switch
- 3V button cell battery (CR2032)
- 3V battery holder
- Heat shrink tubink
- Couple of wires

Tools you'll need :
- Soldering iron + solder
- Lighter (for heat shrink tubing)

<p>when i first saw the title i thought it was ILLUMINATI HELPING HANDS and i was like what the f&amp;ck</p>
I have an arm lamp right over my helping hands I use to illuminate that workspace. Plus the magnifying glass that came with mine wasn't the greatest so I've a magnifier on another arm I made over it as well. It can get a bit crowded working in that spot!<br><br>I would love to post an image but this website seems a bit broken here now. I've tried two different browsers and it still does not seem to be functioning properly. They ought to fire their webmaster.<br><br>Oh well it looks like this:<br><br>http://img37.imageshack.us/img37/2038/003nfl.jpg<br><br>I can't even get &quot;Rich Editor&quot; to come up right now so sorry about the bare link there.<br><br>
love how you've illuminated your helping hands! thanks for sharing.
thanks too :)
very nice! thanks for sharing!
thanks :)

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