Illuminated Stained Glass Faberge Style Egg

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Introduction: Illuminated Stained Glass Faberge Style Egg

This is my egg and first slide show. I was going to do an ible, but it would be a novel. And not a short one. Think of something akin to Crime and Punishment. This egg was partially inspired by the Coronation Egg and the Hoof Egg. The interior has a sort of King of the Sea motif. Enjoy!!!

Full Instructable is now available.



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    Gorgeous! Fantastic job, and I love seeing your path of inspiration. I'd love to see more in-process photos, and even a full Instructable!

    Full Instructable is now available so you can see the method behind the madness. Wehn I tried to add the link to the paragraph describing my slideshow there was some sort of error and it wouldn't work. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for the kind words!! I'm still working on the full ible. It will be really long and I'm afraid most would find it slightly boring as the build took about two weeks or so. Plus I have other egg ideas I want to get built. But the full ible definately on the to do list. Have a good weekend!!!

    Where did you get the egg? Since they are "out of season" (not Easter) I am having trouble finding an egg to start my project.

    I had it in my parts stash. My Mom gave my wife and I each one for Easter last year and I kept them. I found some smaller eggs at Wal-Mart. Check the cheap toys section. I picked up two packs of generic silly putty for 88 cents a piece. You also might find them at craft stores.

    That looks beautiful!!! Where did you get the little diamond-like encrustations that decorate the front and edge?

    Thanks. I got the jewels at Wal-Mart in the sewing department. $2.78 a yard.

    Nice! I really like the horsehead legs you have there.