Picture of Illuminated Wall mounted Display Unit

I was asked by my son to build a unit to display his gem collection, he liked the look of one that his grandfather had built a few years ago to house a shell collection, so we started with that as a basic plan.

Using some left over wood from another project and some acrylic off cuts from my greenhouse, we knocked this wee cabinet up over a period of a couple of weeks, and I’m pleased with the way that it turned out, I’ve had fun working with the acrylic, I’m much more comfortable using it than when I started.

Sorry I haven’t got more detailed pictures of the steps, I didn’t intend this to be my 1st instructable but after getting some great ideas from here recently it has inspired me to share.


1m of 40x10mm for face frame
1m of 30x10mm  for rear box frame
Piano Hinge
Off cuts of Acrylic sheeting
Led String light and battery holder (optional)

Tools required
Fine toothed mitre Saw
Sharp Knife for marking acrylic
Basic picture frame tools (V nailer, frame clamp)
Acrylic Bonding/welding agent with syringe
Small pressure clamps 4+
Table Saw (not essential)

The materials and tools required are just a rough list of what I used, most of the tools are optional.


CrazeUK1 year ago

Could it be an idea to use LED strips with an acrylic diffuser to get a more even light.

Also you could use LEDs directly on the edge of each pain to light up the edges to give a grid affect.