Introduction: Illuminated Door Exit Switch.

Picture of Illuminated Door Exit Switch.

I wanted an easy to locate switch for my door solenoid lock. The original works but it's just not eye catching.

Step 1: Removing the Bland Switch.

Picture of Removing the Bland Switch.

I just plain cut the wiring off the old switch. I put it away in storage.

Step 2: Making a Hole for the New Switch.

Picture of Making a Hole for the New Switch.

The new pushbutton switch needed a 22mm hole in the mounting plate. I used a hole saw to make it.

Step 3: Wiring the New Switch.

Picture of Wiring the New Switch.

Using my soldering station I wired up the new switch. Sadly the hole I cut was a bit bigger than 22mm so I kept the lock nut in the front and a cable tie to keep it in place in the back.

Step 4: Completion!

Picture of Completion!

The new switch is led lighted and looks so much cooler!


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