Picture of Illusionists Heart
aagh, I edited this on the instructables mobile app and its deleted the intro page, I'll sort it out when I get a chance later on..

photos and sketchup model here for now

Step 1: Get Wood

Picture of Get Wood
Get your pieces of wood cut ready, I'm using 4mm plywood which will give a final thickness of 16mm for the heart when assembled, I figure that's a nice size not too big but not so small it gets fiddly.

Cut 4  pieces, I then used a block plane to get them the same width, but this really isn't necessary as your going to be sanding them to size later anyway, so don't bother.
themortalphoenix made it!6 months ago

Substantially different from yours. I had no use for the photo cavity so decided to go without it and create the simpler version.
Lacquered Teak. Amazing finish and texture.

Basic idea was from here though!
Thanks a tonne