Ilustrated CAD process for creating a 3D printed assistive device in ABS plastic

Picture of Ilustrated CAD process for creating a 3D printed assistive device in ABS plastic
Experimental Pathology and Parabiotics Research team:

Team: R. Siderits, M. Riad

Abstract:  This project illustrates the basic CAD techniques and steps needed to design and prototype an assistive device (right angles Spoon) using a 3D printer in ABS plastic.
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Step 1:

Picture of

Step 2: Designing a right angle spoon for 3D printing

Picture of Designing a right angle spoon for 3D printing

This Instructable will demonstrate some basic design steps used in 3D prototyping of a right angle spoon for 3D printing. 

The 3D printer that we used was an UP!3D and the material is ABS plastic.

The take home point of this Instructable is that even with only basic knowledge of 3D design and some free CAD software, anyone can design and prototype a broad range of simple assistive devices for people with disabilities, essentially in real time and at a cost of next to nothing.

There are tens of thousands of "Parametric" files available online for download and printing on 3D printers (parametric files just save the information needed to 3D print the object, STL format example,  in the real world).  Places like or TED TV 3D printing are good resources to learn about how 3D printing is redefining manufacturing and distribution on a global scale.

The design process took about 90 seconds, the printing about 20 minutes and the cost was under 3 cents. 

Don't worry about speed in designing with a CAD program or the particular program that you use, that comes with familiarity with your 3D CAD program.  You don't have to spend as much time looking for the right buttons and you have the basic experience to know how to construct the object that you want to make.  This is a fun example of those basic concepts.


Experimental Pathology Team in conjunction with the Parabiotics Research team:

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