I'm Just Nuts About You - Bon Bons For Your Valentine

Picture of I'm Just Nuts About You - Bon Bons For Your Valentine
I love bon bons, they are the perfect lovers treat when watching a movie, reading a book or just snuggling with your honey. A great two biter, one for you and one for him.

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Step 1: You Will Need

Picture of You Will Need
Ice Cream
Smuckers Magic Shell Ice Cream Coating

Toppings of choice, nuts, sprinkles, etc. (*Optional)

Baking Sheet
Small Cookie Dough Scoop
Ramekin or very small bowl
Waxed Paper
Mini Muffin Liners

Step 2: Scoop

Picture of Scoop
Line a baking sheet with waxed paper.

Scoop out desired number of ice cream balls. Pack the scoop tight.

Place on a baking sheet and return to freezer for 15 - 30 minutes to make firm.

Step 3: Dip

Picture of Dip
Fill a ramekin or small bowl with enough Magic Shell to dip Ice Cream balls in.

Insert a toothpick in the bottom of ice cream ball and dip into Magic Shell. Hold over bowl until Magic Shell is set or roll in topping and hold until dry. About 30 - 45 seconds. You may want to dip the ice cream more than once for a thicker coating.

*Note: You can also use two different flavors of Magic Shell. I like to double dip in the Peanut Butter then Chocolate but with the recent Peanut Butter recalls I decided not to take a chance. Be sure to allow one flavor dry and harden completely; refreeze a few minutes before adding the second flavor.

Step 4: Serve

Picture of Serve
Center and press toothpick through bottom of mini muffin cup and pull toothpick out.

Return finished Bon Bons to baking sheet and freeze again for 15 minutes to firm up the ice cream.

Place in airtight container until ready to eat.