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Introduction: Pocket Rocket.

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This rocket is and will be the best thing i have ever made! It is not a ipod stand or a bow and arrow, It is a rocket! A rocket which will (not) reach the moon! It involves quick action and and pressure! It will reach new heights! maybe 20 feet but that's good for vinegar and baking soda. This is a rocket in which the ingredients can be secretly concealed in your pocket and the rocket can be set off anywhere except space.

Step 1: The Concoction.

As a rocket it needs rocket fuel. In this case, vineger and sodium bicarbonate ( also known as baking soda). If you are a average person you should have these. If you don't your sub-average.

Step 2: The Rocket Powder.

For this you will need the lid and the baking soda. Pour the powder into the lid but don't let the powder get into the side. It will not work then. Oh, and the powder should be just enough to cover the bottom.

Step 3: The Liquid Fuel.

This is the vinegar. You should put about 10 ML-20 ML of vinegar in the canister NOT the lid.

Step 4: That's One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind.

This is the moment we've all been waiting for. How to projectate the rocket. Take your soda lid and quickly seal it on the canister. Quickly as in 1 SECOND!! Quickly place the rocket upside down and let go. POP! That's what you should hear It should fly up and land. Easily redoable. Just dry out the lid and do again! You did this OUTSIDE right?



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    I did this and added a small amount of liquid Co2 and it popped and i allmost hit my friend in the sac!! {:>)

    sounds fun

    I may do this with a slight modification, specifically making a packet of paper towel for the baking soda so it doesn't fall in or go off immediately.

    lol chicken dont see how baking soda is intimidating.:P

    There are a ton of 'ibles on this exact same thing.

    2 replies

    Name 2000. That would be a ton, my friend.

    Unless the 'ibles weighed more.

    But, I'm being serious. There were a ton very many of these already.



    alka siza and water works better and it doesn't smell of vineger

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    Not everybody has alka seltzer. These are pretty much hosehold items.


    Wow, 700 views.

    to get more views put things like launch,reaction,pressure,pop,fly,nasa and things in your tags

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    Has KSC tried it?

    Oh Yes, I've been doing these things for years. The first time I tried I didn't realize how powerful it was going to be, so I set it off in my kitchen.




    Have you tried it?

    ive done things like this before with weak bottles and loads of baking soda and a whole bottle of vinegar also try do it with a bucket with the top on its a massive pop