There are probably enough DIY manuals on how to replace those bad capacitors
in the G5 imac model...
If not then this will maybe help..

If you're Imac G5 is suffering from power problems (not turning on, standby issues, video problems and scrambled pictures. Maybe its time to check those capacitors on the motherboard)

Checking those caps is easy and takes 2 minutes: Follow step 1 and 2, and step 7 and 9 to know what to look for...

Step 1: The Imac...

The Imac G5 was was plagued with the Capcitor problems, Apple started a special warranty program to repair all those Imac's. That program has bin terminated, but I have seen the same problem with the timecapsule as well. Today there are not that many people that want to repair there imac G5 but for those, here we go...

Our victim: A "left to die" Imac G5 17." We are going to save him in a Saturday afternoon.
Here are some things we need to help him:

A LOT of space...  We need to store all his parts temporary and we have to work on its motherboard.
It also keeps things organized.

Tools: These are the tools that I used:
soldering iron, screwdrivers, torx screwdrivers, anit static band, pliers, thermal compound, and replacement capictors.
Experience: Please have some, Its not difficult, but I think some is defiantly required.

Safety warning: Always unplug the power!! Even when the power is unplugged some capacitors will remain there power! In the new Imac models these power supply units on the bottom are open, and you WILL get a high voltage shock from it!! This is not the case here but be advised, if you see something and you have no idea, just stop and ask someone who does knows!

Capacitors: The ones that we are going to replace are bulging and could spit out electrolytic fluid or residue. (In fact, mine did when pulling them out...) Clean of this stuff from youre hands and the motherboard immediately!!! And wear safety goggles, the old capcitors are under heavy pressure, if they burst right in your face then... Well, youre not becoming any more attractive from it...

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