Step 8: Put it back together

Before placing back the motherboard you will have to clean the cooling residue on the processor. This also counts for the cooling platform. Use pure alcohol and a cleaning tissues to remove that nasty stuff. Then put the same amound like shown on the photo here on the proccesor.
Keep it like this!!! It will spread as soon as you place back the motherboard into the mac.

Watch out for this little "light tunnel" place it back first in the proper position before you place back the motherboard. This is important, or the led indicator on the front will not show correctly.
And keep those cables in that aera clear, then place back to motherboard as you toke it out.

Now you should follow this instructable in reverse, but this time mount everthing back into place.
That should be easyer, ones youre done go to the nex step:

Watch out for:
-Do not force screws!! If they dont fit or do not go in well, you probably using the wrong screw.
Check this instuct again.
-Check if all cables are there, some cables can be stuck under the motherboard, then
you have to take it apart again.
Keep cables clear from everthing and place them correctly.
Airport bracket:  Dont forget to pull he antenna trough it first , other wise you will have to take it apart again.
-If youre having trouble with the cables on top, just remove the big fan on top. It will make room for you to place those cables back.

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