Step 8: Dry the gel image

Picture of Dry the gel image
After carefully scrubbing all of the paper fibers off of the gel, give it one final rinse in fresh water to remove all paper residue and allow to dry.

I usually place the gel images on either glass or plastic. Paper fibers have a tendency to stick. And as long as the gel hasn't dissolved/melted, there shouldn't be any issues with the gel sticking to glass or plastic.

Note that it's normal for the gel to still appear milky, and won't completely clear until dry.
leba5 years ago
awesome tutorial!!!
i'm definitely going to use this is my current piece. i'm a photographer/painter/sculptor, and i also work at one of canada's leading art suply stores. this is just awesome. i'm probably going to try this with some Tri-Art clear modeling paste, with a glossy finish. can't wait to see how it turns out.
thanks so much for the awesome tutorial!!