Step 5: Measure maximum image size

Now you need to work out how big an image you can draw on your transparency sheet. This will primarily depend on your magnifier and to some degree your light source. I wrote a bunch of text and drew a little image on some transparency sheet and then kept cutting it back until I find the maximum height and width.
THANK YOU! I have been searching online for an hour for a simple, inexpensive projector for an art project I have in mind. "Simple" and "projector" don't often sit side by side in a sentence Every projector I came across was for streaming video, had lots of circuits and had never heard the word "budget." I am quite literally letting out a sigh of relief at finding your instructable, my little art project is saved and I also found a great, educational activity to do with my son. Thank you.
which type of lens i will need ? <br>concave or convex
man..you can use a convex lens...or its better you go in fr a magnifying glass...keep smilin
i need the image to be bigger what should i do?? <br>
i could see this projecting an image onto the side of my house for the holidays.. or Halloween.. or just for fun.. (just like zazenergy said)
Heya, I recently made a new version which is more adjustable and uses a halogen spotlight. The brightness of this would be perfect for projecting onto the side of your house. I could imagine a big bright red santa or something! This is the link - www.instructables.com/id/HD-Image-Projector/
This looks like a really fun project. I can imagine seeing this used at an art show or party. Thanks!
I think I'll try to apply your idea &quot;I'd like to add a spinning wheel so that multiple images can be projected, one after the over, create a basic animation effect.&quot; to my instructable (http://www.instructables.com/id/Photo-slide-projector-lomography-style-patches-t/)
Great! Let me know how it goes!<br><br>Our projects are very similar. Although you use a stock Ikea light, the principle is the same. <br><br>I actually intend to switch from the light bulb to the LED torch and add an enclosure. This should be done tomorrow I imagine.<br><br>I'm off to Japan in a few days so the wheel will have to wait until I get back since it's going to be a bit trickier. I'd also like to print the animations for that rather than draw.<br><br>Good luck :)

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