Step 4: Making It Happen

Picture of Making It Happen
Now that you know how to work the main parts of the program, you should be able to figure out how to put the audio onto a cassette. But just incase you haven't figured it out, I'll tell you how to do that, and also how to get images off the cassette, or whatever you're getting images from.

  Once you've got an image made up in your template, and you're back on the TX tab, all you have to do is record the audio onto a tape. Press the red "TX" button to test your sound, and if you start hearing tones and weird computer sounds, then everything's working. Use a Male to Male audio cable to hook up the headphone jack on your computer to the microphone/input jack of your tape player, start the tape recording, press the red TX button again, and let it play through to the end. Once the sounds played through, everything is done, and now you have an image recorded on a cassette tape.

To read the image off the cassette, open the RX tab in MMSSTV. Then, use the same audio cable to plug the tapes headphone jack into your computers line-in jack. Go to the Options tab at the very top of the program, and click "Soundcard input level...". Make sure the Line-in input is turned all the way up, and then you're ready to go. Rewind the tape to just before the image, and press play.

If everything worked right, then an image should start slowly loading in the white space on the RX tab. This is the image you saved to the cassette. If the image has a weird tilt or shift, wait until it's done loading, go to the Sync tab, and right click the smiley face. Now go back to the RX tab, and the picture should be fixed.