Picture of Imaginary PiE
This monstrosity came into existence when, after a heavy and 'serious' debate on different pi-inspired pies to make, my colleague and I came up with the idea of an empty pie tin, to represent imaginary numbers. 

However, empty pies aren't very tasty ones, and soon I was consumed with the idea of making this pie real. However, it turns out making a pie that isn't a pie but is a pie is much more difficult to do than to imagine. I will not go into detail, but things like salmon and mushy peas were discussed. Thankfully, a trip down the donut section of the grocery store set me right. 

I decided I wanted something similar to a jelly donut, without the sugar overload. I opted for plain shortbread, since it's not a crust but is malleable enough to look like it. And for the filling I decided on raspberry jello, as it's glutenous, not particularly strong in flavor, and has a nice red color. Add some berries to it, break some cookies overtop, and it's a pie that's not a pie. 

Anyhow, after some thinking (and some trial-and-error), I am proud to present the "Imaginary PiE", made from shortbread, jello, and fancy cookies.