Picture of Imitation cross coffee table
I was moving to a new apartment and found myself in need of a new coffee table.  I wanted to make something unique,  but not impossible to make with the relatively limited tools at my disposal.  Fortunately, I had just signed up for a few months of membership at my local TechShop here in Pittsburgh, so I now had access to a ShopBot CNC router.  After a quick google search, I had a couple designs I was interested in mimicking (I don't even try to pretend I have the creativity needed to make something aesthetically pleasing).  I eventually settled on the Cross Coffee Table, a discontinued model from Design Within Reach.  It was stylish and made only from flat components, allowing me to cut everything from one piece of wood.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Solid wood legs proved to be rather expensive, so I settled upon 3/4" oak veneer plywood.  A 4' x 8' board is about $50 at home depot, and you really only need half (4' x 4') if you're careful.  In addition you'll want to get some:

- 80, 150, and 220 grit sandpaper
- tack cloth to remove dust from sanding (this step is really important, don't skip it)
- Wood conditioner (this goes on before the stain, and helps the wood accept stain uniformly, which is especially important for plywood).
- Your wood stain of choice.  I went with a light oak gel stain that combines the stain and polyurethane steps, reducing the amount of drying time and number of steps.
- Polyurethane (if you don't get a combination stain).
- Wood glue (optional)
Good job!
Steamcrunk2 years ago
The design looks great, I'd prefer a darker stain though. Just my preference.
JMRaphael2 years ago
Nice work! It would be pretty neat to keep a set of the mini-tables as drink coasters.
Kiteman2 years ago
Can we see it with the top on?
CollinPGH (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
Yeah, the glass hadn't arrived when I made the instructable, but now I've updated it with the final photo!
CollinPGH (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
Added another picture of it in the wild, this time without bumpers
spyder20212 years ago
great build. we have a techshop by us (Michigan) but its a 2hr drive one way.