I was moving to a new apartment and found myself in need of a new coffee table.  I wanted to make something unique,  but not impossible to make with the relatively limited tools at my disposal.  Fortunately, I had just signed up for a few months of membership at my local TechShop here in Pittsburgh, so I now had access to a ShopBot CNC router.  After a quick google search, I had a couple designs I was interested in mimicking (I don't even try to pretend I have the creativity needed to make something aesthetically pleasing).  I eventually settled on the Cross Coffee Table, a discontinued model from Design Within Reach.  It was stylish and made only from flat components, allowing me to cut everything from one piece of wood.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Solid wood legs proved to be rather expensive, so I settled upon 3/4" oak veneer plywood.  A 4' x 8' board is about $50 at home depot, and you really only need half (4' x 4') if you're careful.  In addition you'll want to get some:

- 80, 150, and 220 grit sandpaper
- tack cloth to remove dust from sanding (this step is really important, don't skip it)
- Wood conditioner (this goes on before the stain, and helps the wood accept stain uniformly, which is especially important for plywood).
- Your wood stain of choice.  I went with a light oak gel stain that combines the stain and polyurethane steps, reducing the amount of drying time and number of steps.
- Polyurethane (if you don't get a combination stain).
- Wood glue (optional)
Good job!
The design looks great, I'd prefer a darker stain though. Just my preference.
Nice work! It would be pretty neat to keep a set of the mini-tables as drink coasters.
Can we see it with the top on?
Yeah, the glass hadn't arrived when I made the instructable, but now I've updated it with the final photo!
Added another picture of it in the wild, this time without bumpers
great build. we have a techshop by us (Michigan) but its a 2hr drive one way.

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