Picture of Immersive HMD (Head Mounted Display)
Who hasn't played an FPS and wished they could have a HUD overlay in real life? Maybe some of you, but I'm sure the true geeks reading this have! I looked around and nothing fit my budget, so i decided to build one. Rather than attempting to make a display that you could see through, which seemed far too complicated for my taste, I decided to use a camera and screens to do the job. This is the very first build of this idea, using the cheapest components possible really. I have many upgrades planned, which will be listed in the final section of this instructable. Continue on to see how I did it!

Step 1: Parts and Prep

Picture of Parts and Prep
You are going to need  4 components, basic tools and a fairly delicate touch for this instructable.

Stuff you'll need:
- Webcam
- Headpones (over ear style)
- Safety Goggles (the cooler looking the better!)
- Personal Media Viewers (look for working ones with broken frames to save money!)

Tools you'll need:
- Hot glue gun
- Small flat blade screwdriver
- Exacto knife

Hey, What did you use?
What did I use you ask? Well first of all, keep in mind that this is the roughest version of this build, so I used entry level parts. My PMVs were MyVu Crystal's, which come apart very easily! The goggles I used are the DeWalt "concealer"  model with the smoked lens. Then for headphones I used Sennheiser HD 515s, namely because they were really beaten up and had been laying around for an age! My current webcam is some old junky logitech one. I am already ordering the Microsoft Lifecam (720p, 133 degree FoV, and autofocus!) as an upgrade!

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egüner1 year ago
This is really useful however I need to ask something. How do I connect the headphones and camera to the PMV?
minijc2 years ago
so you see what the web cam sees am i right if not how could you wire it up so you could see what the web cam sees.
momio11212 years ago
dude how can I get the tiny screens? thanks
McChicken3 years ago
I'm planning building this to fit inside my Iron Man helmet (Full metal- Instructable coming soon) and I think i've found a way of creating a HUD. I'm cannibalising an iPhone 4S and making a new OS for it, just basic stuff like date and time, music, horizon indicator, temperature, then using a live feed from two cameras in stereo as the background. I'm using two of the 4S cameras, they have better picture quality than my lifecam and theyre smaller.
how are you going to upload/remake the OS???
spya McChicken2 years ago
That would be so awsome!
minijc3 years ago
could you link this up to a ps3 or xbox 360
A little wire splicing with the correct plug (I'd suggest using the Connection to the TV) should have it up and running
An addition: Substitute the webcam for the correct wiring. You won't have much use for it
jrg3ni0us3 years ago
What are personal media vieers and where can I find them?
khenry13 years ago
dude his is so cool can you make video on this
jackle133 years ago
so cool i wish i could make one but i dont have any of the stuff but is awsome
what does this look like from the inside? I.e. looking through the googles?
maxiaxie3 years ago
I am considering this as the HMD base for my current idea - Project Photon. This project will feature a number of devices, such as an HMD, nightvision goggles (I can add some ultrabright IRs to the HMD you have here), in-built laser cutters and lots of other light based fun. If anyone has an idea, please reply to this!

:) thanks, Maxiaxie

Edit: might add walkie talkies as well if the sound is fixed on this design.
ckine maxiaxie3 years ago
i am interested in this project and if you have a website or blog or something i could check it out that would be great
I'm also very interested, and I think many other hackerspace people in particular would be.

Have you considered creating a KickStarter project for this?
maxiaxie ckine3 years ago
currently, i'm running it off of this amazing new server (notepad and paper), so if you want, i can email you a blueprint copy. i'll private-message my email address to you. thx
blinhardt3 years ago
Good work..
Banfield Design (author) 3 years ago
Hey everyone,

Sorry for the giant gaps in my communication, I haven't spent nearly enough time here thanks to a giant life-explosion. Feel free to direct any questions as PM's as that makes it easier for me to answer you.

Version 2.0 is still under way but is on hold till I can devote my time to it again.

do you think it would be possible to use viewfinders from older camcorders? just a thought, as it might be quite a bit cheaper than myvu crystals
289poppy4 years ago
here's a question: I can't find/afford a PMV, can I just use a laptop LCD with some sort of diverging lens or something? I mean sure it'd be more bulky, but what's your people's opinions?
289poppy4 years ago
Here's a question that may seem a tad bit silly....do I really need a PMV? (darn those things are expensive!) or can I instead just hook up a laptop LCD with a diverging lens or something? I mean it sound pretty straightforwards to me, what's your people's opinion?
ghostrider24 years ago
i have found a way to improve this for military use. i think i could turn it into a very efficient system. just to warn everybody, though, i will patent it, so watch out.
i am working on a protype exoskelten suit please tell me in a private message pleasea i would like to know
People post things on instuctables to share with everyone, I don't think it's purpose is for someone to use someone else's ideas to make money off of and then paten it to keep others from making it? Seems a bit unfair to all of us especially to the true creator of it.
i wouldnt patenet just a test
cant. my prototype is needed for my own exoarmor. simply put, im starting off with the pepakura method to prove the concept for paintball, then upgrading everything as i get more money and technology until it is battle ready you know, start all paper and bondo, add motors and a control system for better mobility, replace paper with sheet metal, and continue to work from there into something close to iron man capabilities(minus flight. the technology for a powered suit with flying ability is years away from what i can come up with.)
ghostrider25 years ago
is there any way you could use additional cameras to use an eye tracking program to eliminate the need of a mouse and keyboard?
You should check out what some guys did with the playstation eye. eye tagging or some sort. It was pretty neat and seems to may be of use to you
Most regular cams won't work for that I don't believe, but you could replace a mouse and keyboard with a button board in the palm of a hand on a glove, and a joystick on there to use as a mouse.
How about modifying a Nintendo Power Glove from the NES? It has a keypad and a D-Pad.
that be cool
Facel eg. lip and eyes or whatever isn't too hard to do and there are many programs tracking eyes: faceapi and manyCam are just two I have on my computer. There is one for PPJoy code to change facal movements into actions but tbh speech recognision IS easier and will be more accerate as more people look into that market.
csarmiento4 years ago
hey peps i am trying to make one but for a bike helmet. i want to project my route and gps info on the visor but i still want to be able to see through it. any hints?
Use sort of a monocle, a 1 eyed piece so u can see the road and see ur route. I believe ur right eye is the one used most by your brain so u may want to put ur screen and eye piece on your left eye so it's not to distort your view
that would make for an awesome daft punk helmet
goober64 years ago
wait. it's a hmd to put on just to see what's in front of you?
Railes4 years ago
Seams like watching those tiny screens would be extremely taxing to the eyes.

I recall a pair of night vision goggles I have from eyeclops, Headache in under 10 mins.
epicblue4 years ago
i don't really feel like spending $100 on a PMV, and i can't find a used one or anything like one. any ideas? or have one u want to spare for me?
dvnkmmy5 years ago
Two Questions:
1: What is the power source?
2: How do your hear anything with the headphones.
Im only asking because it looks good for like Nerf or airsoft wars, but i just need to know how hearing works with that thingy
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