Who hasn't played an FPS and wished they could have a HUD overlay in real life? Maybe some of you, but I'm sure the true geeks reading this have! I looked around and nothing fit my budget, so i decided to build one. Rather than attempting to make a display that you could see through, which seemed far too complicated for my taste, I decided to use a camera and screens to do the job. This is the very first build of this idea, using the cheapest components possible really. I have many upgrades planned, which will be listed in the final section of this instructable. Continue on to see how I did it!

Step 1: Parts and Prep

You are going to need  4 components, basic tools and a fairly delicate touch for this instructable.

Stuff you'll need:
- Webcam
- Headpones (over ear style)
- Safety Goggles (the cooler looking the better!)
- Personal Media Viewers (look for working ones with broken frames to save money!)

Tools you'll need:
- Hot glue gun
- Small flat blade screwdriver
- Exacto knife

Hey, What did you use?
What did I use you ask? Well first of all, keep in mind that this is the roughest version of this build, so I used entry level parts. My PMVs were MyVu Crystal's, which come apart very easily! The goggles I used are the DeWalt "concealer"  model with the smoked lens. Then for headphones I used Sennheiser HD 515s, namely because they were really beaten up and had been laying around for an age! My current webcam is some old junky logitech one. I am already ordering the Microsoft Lifecam (720p, 133 degree FoV, and autofocus!) as an upgrade!

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