Introduction: Immortan Joe Makeup Transformation

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Step 1: Outline

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Using some white body paint I outlined my mask.

Step 2: Base Colors

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Using silver body paint to put on the top of the mask, then use black body paint to fill in the nose, and then dark brown for the rest.

Step 3: Detail

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Using some black eye shadow I made some shadows.

Using black body paint to make detail lines.

Using white body paint to add shine

Step 4: More Details

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Use black eye shadow and messily place it on your eye lids. Then take a yellow eye shadow to place over your teeth.

Step 5: Next

Picture of Next

Add some black around the teeth, then get some light brown and dark brown to add lines in the mask.

Step 6: Face

Picture of Face

Using red eye shadow under the eye and then using a few different browns to make wrinkles. Make an angry face to help.

Step 7: Fill in

Picture of Fill in

Fill in the chin and tube with a light brown, then fill in the rest with dark brown, then get some black and fill in the hose top.

Step 8: More Detail

Picture of More Detail

just add detail where you feel it needs it.

focus on the hose.

Step 9: Chest

Picture of Chest

carry the hose to the chest

Step 10: Done

Picture of Done

and boom, all done!


studleylee (author)2015-10-29

Amazing work!!! Wow!!!

MsMaoMaoz (author)studleylee2015-10-30

Thank you!

Only In Ur Mind (author)2015-09-30

Great thank you.


Only In Ur Mind (author)2015-09-29

very cool, I'll have to check out your YouTube channel.

Thank you so much! And please do! Let me know what you think. =P

You have great make-up and I saw you have more awesome things than makeup too on your YouTube. I'm new to instructables and its pretty cool. I do have a YouTube but dont have still shots of the steps for here. Can I just post the video or do I need pictures too for instructables?

Thank you, and welcome to instructables!You can just post the video if you don't have still shots. I've done that for a few. =P

chii.maene (author)2015-08-17

Insanely cool! What type of paints do you use?

MsMaoMaoz (author)chii.maene2015-08-18

Mostly Mehron paradise paint. ^.^

canida (author)2015-08-10

Amazing work!

These are going to kill in the Halloween contest too. :D

MsMaoMaoz (author)canida2015-08-18

Haha woohoo!

bell an (author)2015-07-16

i like the make up you wear in the first minute.

and if you can make your cat looks like you, that pretty, I would like very much to marry your cat.

MsMaoMaoz (author)bell an2015-07-17

Haha. Thanks.

Lady Microfleegie II (author)2015-07-02

This is absolutely amazing! I'm always impressed and envious of people who can put so much detail into makeup without ever using a prosthetic part! Hope you win the hair and makeup contest, this is so awesome!! <3

aw thank you so so so much!

JaronC1 (author)2015-06-25

do you take suggestions??

MsMaoMaoz (author)JaronC12015-06-25

Yes I do

verbatin01 (author)2015-06-25

so cool! and equally impressive that you were able to apply it to yourself!

MsMaoMaoz (author)verbatin012015-06-25


patsheldon (author)2015-06-25

This is incredibly awesome! Even better to know you did it on your own to yourself!

MsMaoMaoz (author)patsheldon2015-06-25

haha thank you

jdonato (author)2015-06-25

I wanted to comment again based upon the last posting you did. You are very clearly talented and I could say that every time you add something. Don't let the negative posting folks get you down. Enjoy the talent and use it to make you happy.

MsMaoMaoz (author)jdonato2015-06-25

thank you so much! that truly means a lot to me. =)

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