Immortan Joe Makeup Transformation





Introduction: Immortan Joe Makeup Transformation

Step 1: Outline

Using some white body paint I outlined my mask.

Step 2: Base Colors

Using silver body paint to put on the top of the mask, then use black body paint to fill in the nose, and then dark brown for the rest.

Step 3: Detail

Using some black eye shadow I made some shadows.

Using black body paint to make detail lines.

Using white body paint to add shine

Step 4: More Details

Use black eye shadow and messily place it on your eye lids. Then take a yellow eye shadow to place over your teeth.

Step 5: Next

Add some black around the teeth, then get some light brown and dark brown to add lines in the mask.

Step 6: Face

Using red eye shadow under the eye and then using a few different browns to make wrinkles. Make an angry face to help.

Step 7: Fill in

Fill in the chin and tube with a light brown, then fill in the rest with dark brown, then get some black and fill in the hose top.

Step 8: More Detail

just add detail where you feel it needs it.

focus on the hose.

Step 9: Chest

carry the hose to the chest

Step 10: Done

and boom, all done!



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    very cool, I'll have to check out your YouTube channel.

    Thank you so much! And please do! Let me know what you think. =P

    You have great make-up and I saw you have more awesome things than makeup too on your YouTube. I'm new to instructables and its pretty cool. I do have a YouTube but dont have still shots of the steps for here. Can I just post the video or do I need pictures too for instructables?

    Thank you, and welcome to instructables!You can just post the video if you don't have still shots. I've done that for a few. =P

    Insanely cool! What type of paints do you use?

    Mostly Mehron paradise paint. ^.^