Impact Drive, a Knex Gun




Introduction: Impact Drive, a Knex Gun

im wonderin if i should post. any suggestions?
will get better pics ASAP.



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so post or not do you think? i think it has about 30-90 ft. range i beleive.. i dunno though.... i cant check cause my backyard is small. (me a city boy)

Yeah post it. Oh I'm not a knex gun expert but I think the barrel is a bit to short, so if you have pieces left you could make it a bit longer.

If I made barrel longer there would be no FP hitting the bullet. I'll post soon mabe. Coming up next

No I mean making the front of the gun longer, just like a fake barrel.

its not a replica or anything... its just a pure imagination thing. i dunno about the barrel,it looks cool like this to me

I need to get a camera

thanks... its a first, but it took me a whole day of work on it... oh yeah in the pictures there is no trigger cause it jacked up and i forgot to repare it. coming right up with close up pictures and fixed trigger soon.