This Instructable will teach you how to make a small impact triggered explosive for almost no money. I mount them to the ends of arrows, but there are a lot of uses for this like rockets that explode on impact, homemade firing-pin style guns, land mines, etc.... PLEASE RATE!!!!

PS: I am not responsible for anything you do with this. Don't do bad stuff.

Step 1: Materials:

-Paper caps
-thick steel wire (or small nail)
-wire cutters
-masking tape
-Dixi-whistler rockets
Very nice instructable!!! can u add a video of u making the explosive tip <br>the steps are a bit too complicated to read and understand or maybe i am just too sleep ! :P <br>thanks <br>Akinich
This is a very good instructable =)<br><br>I have made similar impact triggered missiles. <br>But I built them so the g-force at impact ignited the cap, and not the impact itself. <br>I don't have to put it at the tip of the arrow and it will still go off when the arrow hits something.<br>I used it in my mini missile: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1Jdc5JrTk0 <br><br>
Cool, the deceleration trigger is a good idea.
Do you have any idea what the chemical composition of the powder you suggest using is? I don't really have access to fireworks, but I could most likely get the chemicals to make the powder if it's not too complex (as I suspect it isn't).
I don't know what the powder is, but somewhere I got the idea that it was some variety of flash powder. You could just use gunpowder, but I don't know if it is sensitive enough to be ignited by the cap.
It's whistle mix. <br>70 % potassium perchlorate and 30 % potassium bensoate.
Good idea for distraction! Not even just hurting people, but distraction.<br />
Yeah you could shoot this like 100 ft away from you and someone would look there instead of at you. For &quot;hurting people&quot; a plain arrow would be better.
Making when I have the time. I may just use some Nitrogen Triiodide for the explosive and use just a tiny amount; that way, I'll get not too much smoke and a bit of boom.<br />
cool but I don't think that will work, Nitrogen Triiodide is WAY to sensitive. But mabey if it is wet it would work. You might try making some HMTD or TATP instead.
Doesn't anyone else have any comments? And by the way, does anyone know why this instructable doesn't come up when you search for it?
my one smoke bomb instructible doesnt show up when searched for either. i tried asking people, but never got a responce
Yeah, I even asked an administrator and got no response.<br /> <br /> I am told that they don't like to let sponsors see &quot;dangerous&quot; instructables but I don't know if that is actualy true.
really? I searched "bang" and it was on the first page...
That's odd, that isn't one of the key words... But at least it shows up. thx
Well it obviously works! Is there any way of using the bottle-rocket tube or is this the wrong size? And do you think that you could you use a steel-ball in place of a pin? (I have a few, and a lot of fireworks) L
You also might try putiong a thick coat of your waterproof fuse mixture around the paper cylinder.
Sure, you could do both of those things. But I don't know if the powder would explode in the tube it comes with. You also don't have to use bottle rockets, they just have a powder that is more potent than what you find in other fireworks usualy.

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