Picture of Implode a Soda Can
This is instructable will teach you how to implode a soda can using only water and heat. Plus takes only minutes to do!

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Step 1: What you need!

Picture of What you need!
Items you need for this are:

Tongs (or anything that can hold a hot can, please dont burn yourself!)
A soda can
Bowl of cold water (I use a pot)
A stove
rupamagic7 years ago
Great instructable. We did this with a 55 gallon drum once. We had a few gallons of water in it, over a fire, when it was at full steam we sealed it up (it had a screw-on mouth cap on top), rolled it off the fire and hit it with a cold hose and it crushed with ease, and sounded really cool too! It looked like an invisible giant was crushing it in her fist, just as easily as an empty beer can. Sadly I have no photos but now I am inspired to do it again!
invisible giant was crushing it in her fist?
Hahah! Where do you think male giants come from, ginormous storks?
 my answer would have been davy jones locker

Banana trees.
i saw someone do that on youtube.
Rob K rupamagic7 years ago
That is awesome Do it again pictures or a video.
Patrik7 years ago
 very interesting and cool

you joust dropped like 20 tons on it that all
20 tons are you serious!?
OMFG! Those pics are unbelieveable! I didn't know that the force would be so strong
Physics is not a gentle master.
i had to do this for a science assignment and i thank you very much for this instrustable, good sir.

he he. .. . . . . . . . . . . . .lol
DAMN! That noise was abrupt!
brisk :D
dodo916 years ago
WTF! every time theres a video from metacafe, it doesnt play all the way!
senga7 years ago
lol it scared me the can crushed itself
fwjs287 years ago
finally...someone who uses correct terminology...u said implode instead of explodeor collapse....altho u did say something at the end that sounded like explode....(not sure which u said)
This is fantastic! i remember doing this for fun when i was in fourth grade! oh man this brought back memories. Good job Flippi273!
Flippi273 (author)  alchemistzero7 years ago
Thank you :D
I'm glad that Flippi273 DIDN'T take the advice of Aar00n3y. There is no law in the Universe that says there should be only one Instructable for crushing pop cans. Besides, the pop can Instructable by Flippi273 is by far the best that I've seen. Some of us that are looking at these Instructables are looking for good and better ways of presenting things; in addition to novelty. Thanks, Flippi273...
Flippi273 (author)  Dave Kruschke7 years ago
Thank you :)
Aar000n3y7 years ago
Some advice for future instructables here Check if the idea that you're making an instructable on has been made into an instructable before you thought of it. Because one has already been made of this idea.
Flippi273 (author)  Aar000n3y7 years ago
Sorry I did look, but now i see it. Guess i didnt look hard enough sorry X_X
Kiteman7 years ago
This is a lot of fun. I do it in lessons to demonstrate the differences between liquids and gases (density etc), and I always find that large numbers of empty cans just happen to be around next time that class has lb-time with me.
Flippi273 (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Yeah thats how I linearity it, in chem class _
Kiteman Kiteman7 years ago

gamer7 years ago
kool!!! i think i will do this -gamer
bit of advice from my bleeding hand: don't do this with beer bottles, they break really fast....
I learned this in my 7th grade science class. It was cool. It is cooler if you let the can fall into the pot so it crushes completely. Great instructable!